Waiting Upon the Lord ---devotional

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Trusting that God will answer a petition or solicitation is frequently upsetting and baffling. This is particularly valid if the issue is dire or we've been petitioning God for quite a long time or even a long time with no proof of an answer. We should recall that God is working as per His timetable, not our own. He is the sovereign and omniscient leader of paradise and earth, who works everything as indicated by the insight of His will.

Notwithstanding, this doesn't mean He's an infinite dictator who couldn't care less. Despite what might be expected, He is our adoring glorious Father, who is interminably great, shrewd, and incredible. He ceaselessly looks out for and thinks about His darling kids.

From our restricted natural viewpoint, be that as it may, the postponement may appear to be futile, wearing us out and testing our confidence. Times of holding up are regularly joined by dread, stress, or distress. These negative sentiments could without much of a stretch push us forward looking for an answer or lead us into depression. However, the Lord has guaranteed insurance and arrangement for the individuals who wait upon Him. In the event that we'll go to Him, confiding in His intelligence and love, He won't just fortify us to suffer however will likewise enable us to develop through the procedure.

At the point when the Lord drives you into the "sitting area," He needs you to keep in venture with Him. In the event that you become eager and attempt to keep running ahead, you'll miss whatever He has for you, regardless of whether exercises or endowments or something different. Deferrals are difficult, however when His answer at last comes, you'll find that your understanding and trust in Him have developed.

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Thank you Kwadjo, it is great to wait upon the Lord in this life, patience is one of the great treasures in life, and those who keep waiting upon the Lord get their questions answered by our Lord Jesus Christ.