Seek Refuge in God --- devotional

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When you face an emergency, what is your first line of protection? The normal reaction is to endeavor to fix the issue alone. God, be that as it may, gives us an alternate method to deal with trouble.

David was no more odd to weight or unexpected appearances of shrewdness. When he composed Psalm 57, he was confronting numerous hardships—including interest by King Saul, who needed to murder him (1 Samuel 24:1-22). The shepherd's reaction was to shout out to God and take shelter in Him until the catastrophe had passed.

How about we gain from David's model by investigating his words. The present section has a lot to instruct about the One to whom he cries.

To start with, David alludes to God as El Elyon, or the Most High God. With all power and shrewdness, He is the one in particular who can help us in our need.

Second, God is said to be our asylum. In the event that He is a position of asylum for our spirit, at that point we need not fear. He floats over us and secures us when emergencies emerge and leave us feeling vulnerable.

Third, the song communicates total certainty that the Almighty can and will achieve anything it takes for His motivation to be satisfied. He'll do whatever is important to mediate for our benefit, to consider responsible the individuals who restrict us, and to encompass us with His adoration and truth.

During His time on earth, Jesus carried incredible energy to His life and service . In this manner, we can approach Him when feelings run high. On the off chance that your heart is beset, shout out to the Lord. Realize that you precede the royal position of Him who is an incredible defender, fit and willing to do all you need.

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