@mmmmkkkk311 is sponsoring new SBI memberships!

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Everyone celebrate!

Like I earlier mentioned, every time @mmmmkkkk311 downvotes me, I will deal out some new SBI sponsorships for new Steemians.

He has agreed that this is fair play since he started downvoting my posts again!

Rejoyce! For every downvote he gives, I will be giving from 3 to 10 sponsorships depending on the value of the downvote.

Last time he did this, I promised I would be sending out 8 sponsorships, out of which 5 have been sent. So, today I will give out 6 more!

Indeed, in addition to the 5 I already gave, I also raised my SBI delegation from 500 SP to full 1000 SP (on this account, while my other account delegates another 500SP), so now @steembasicincome will have even more power.


The five sponsorships I already sent went to: @midiagam, @svdsdragunov, @gotlius, @dev1993 and @ph1102

I decided that the six new sponsorships will go to people from @mmmmkkkk311's personal curation stream. He sure does find valuable content creators to sponsor.

And these people are: @michealb, @polskiarrow, @melip, @enmy, @franciscana23, @discernente, @delishtreats and @samstonehill.

Granted some of these people are already on SBI, but since you did give them upvotes, I decided to give them even more.


Next time I will definitely go through the newcomers on the platform. It will be fun. I hope you will downvote me a lot next time @mmmmkkkk311! I might even give out some of those 20 steem sponsorships you talked about in a post of yours if you are so gracious to help me distribute the love.

Thank you so much in behalf of everyone who received sponsorships! I know they will appreciate you!

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I thought this was brilliant @gamer00:

"I decided that the six new sponsorships will go to people from @mmmmkkkk311's personal curation stream. He sure does find valuable content creators to sponsor."

[emphasis added mine]

You may want to add @mariuszkarowski's curation stream to your list, as these accounts are both owned by the same person.

That said, he claims he only downvotes those who are buying SBI shares, not those receiving them. I know this is not totally correct, as I have had a number of my Steemian friends accounts damaged by this stubborn Polish ______ (whatever).

We now know his name?

Thank you!

When I went through the people he'd upvoted, I've noticed he has upvoted people who both have shares and delegate to SBI, so I find his rhetoric about his reasons somewhat interesting. Maybe he didn't notice, or maybe he doesn't really care.

Not sure @gamer00 how carefully he is pursuing his vengeful objective. I have seen evidence that his approach is rather haphazard and inconsistent. Not that it helps us much with the damage he is determined to spread around ...

P.S. Similar to what you are doing, I helped another of our fellow Steemians with his idea about a week ago here by buying an additional 80 SBI shares for MK to downvote. We wouldn't want him to get bored and run out of destructive things to do ...

It's not his name.
His surname begins with a B - it's fake like this whole person is fake.

He's not hiding it...


Yup. I got hit from him and as far as I recall never passed on sbi to anyone. But maybe it is time to share the love..

This is exactly the right attitude!
This is how he/she/it goes crazy!

Perfect and thanks for sharing :)


Thanks for the encouragement! :)

Why are you getting downvotes. There are some downvoting drama these days which I don’t get . I saw Acidyo posting about someone downvoting @ocd’s upvoted posts, which is just absurd

I know it is absurd but he deserves it. I am only a minnow trying to grow my SP so that I can genuinely support others and I used to do that by using DEC to buy upvotes from Steemmonsters.

Then along came Acidiyo and his buddies who decided using Scot tokens to buy upvotes was 'against the intentions of NewSteem'. So he basically downvoted the bot's upvotes into extinction. It did not matter whether it was a quality post or a spam post. $0.50 upvote or $14 upvote which was the upper limit.

What that did especially for SM was that we no longer received DEC for delegating SP and that totally changed the ecosystem for those who used it to upgrade cards in the short term.

Then they moved against the rest of the bidbots but not before the upset the SCT tribe that is inhabited by the Korean steemians with a major stake in Steem.

They are the ones mainly retaliating and honestly good for them.

I don't agree with it but as you can see this is what centralization does. OCD has a lot of SP s they can go around making rules and enforcing them. So long as their delegators are getting their rewards, they don't care how their SP is being used.

Now we have the likes of Mmm.. Whatever who has decided SBI is against newsteem but thankfully he doesn't have the resources to sustain an attack.

Anyways bottom line I guess is that I would just like it there could be peace here, but I guess as long as people and money are involved that is easier said than done.

It seems to be, that #newsteem created a new kind of bidbot owner; the disgruntled one, who decides everything that even remotely resembles "vote selling" is morally wrong and must be eradicated from the face of Steem. This person who is downvoting me, started as a bidbot owner, lost his income, and is now claiming his new income is in curation only, and that he's making a blast doing that, but that he wants to "protect his income" by downvoting anyone who receives a vote from vote rings or from bought votes.

So he started attacking everyone... but when his VP diminished, he apparently changed strategies and is now attacking only those who in his words "buy votes".

Some people have given in to his demands, some have already left Steem. And there are some who fight back trying to downvote him and whatnot...

I don't think anything like that works. A general strike, if it were realistic and everyone would do it, would have an impact, because he'd be left with a ghost town. But I have now realized that it wouldn't work after all. We can't expect everyone to join, and not everyone would want to.

The next best idea is to change the rules of the game he plays. If instead of scaring people, he only manages to throw gasoline to the flames, does he have a choice other than to stop downvoting people?

Some people claim to care for the platform and they say that is why they have invested money in Steem, but through their actions, it’s easy to see that they care only about draining the reward pool for their own benefit.

If some people would realize that only by creating a platform that is successful, we can get a really good return on our Steem investment. Earning more Steem while it’s constantly going down in value is not that smart.

If it was not for things like @OCD I think a lot would leave the platform and surely there would be even less joining in, so why would u want to work against that ?

He / she is changing now from what I see. I'm taking in fire for few weeks, but I never bothered the skip SBI. So what if he / she down votes. Even the best YouTube videos gotten some thumb down and nasty comments. I like the approach of focusing more on sponsoring the newbie. I might just try to do that.

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This looks like an art-of-war tactic, but I am not certain myself as I never read it.

Our daughter mentioned her meeting with you before when she's in Bangkok. She always said that when there are humans, there are politics.

All the best in your quest.


  ·  2 months ago (edited)

Much obliged!

It's been a while since I read Sun Tzu, but I guess I might have taken some subconscious cues from the Art of war.

I guess your daughter is right. We can not escape politics... but instead of war diplomacy and courtesy is preferred. I have a hunch this person doing the attacks doesn't know that.

Many are blinded by "the reason for justice"

All is as it should be. Whatever way gets the most votes wins. It takes getting used to from people used to old social media, but this is how things are meant to work. It takes a mental shift to just brush off downvotes, but obviously he currently has the minority opinion about SBI.

He is busy for sure. More and more acvounts on his name. How about giving him more SBI?

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How do you give SBI to someone?

@ervin-lemark you transfer with your steemit wallet steem amount to @steembasicincome and in the memo you write @... (accountname).

Thanks a lot!

@ervin-lemark You are welcome. Merry days. 💕

Pretty cool attitude, keep up the good work man!!

All the best,

Thank You @Gamer00 ^^)

Have a great time,

I'm new user but I don't know how get sp

  ·  2 months ago (edited)

You will accumulate it in time by creating content and curating, or you will buy it.

For writing and curating to work you need some SP, but it is not essential to have a lot.

Anyhow, arbitrarily downvoting people might not help:


Did you really not like that post?

I can see that it is a war. I posted something about this today. You can check that.

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Good way :)

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@gamer00 Good luck. Knowthe tag is seen for those who follow #cc. Greetings @wakeupkitty

I honestly think this is the way to go. Spread the love.

I rarely follow the actual math needed to figure out who needs what to combat who, but this downvoting poison is sure making this site an annoying hassle to even read.

I suppose everything has a shelf life. But to watch pennies turn into dust because some big fish in a small pond has their ego hurt... really feels like there's no model of newSteem that will make it worth contributing to...

Sad to see a few are getting hit so hard on it in the process..

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very beautiful...

Of course.