Surpassinggoogle - Help Me Set-Up A Physical Hub Called 'Macrohard' To Gather Entrepreneurs/Dream-builders/Brothers. Let's Build Each Noble Dream.

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Permit me to appeal to your soft-spot. Kindly buy out time to pay attention to me with your spirit and being. Please listen even to my undertone.

I am Terry, your boy terry and my username is 'surpassinggoogle' across the internet and I need your help. I am in rubble, on the brink of a fatal shatter. However, my arm is outstretch that you can take it; that i can hand you a hand in return. 

In recent times especially, my health and fitness has deteriorated very fast. I am now 'energy-less'. My brain has grown tired. I haven't slept in years. I need drastic help fast.

After 5-years of leaving my parents, in a bid to return to them with their first 'whispers of good news' (courtesy of me), I finally had respite as i prepared to see them. They were to relocate to the Philippines, to live with me.

My mum arrived first!

On that same night, 'i was looking for a hospital', for she was ill. It was her first real illness and it was Leukemia. We spent only 16-days together, from hospital to hospital. I watched them pound her chest for 30-minutes in her last moments. She passed away. I just watched!

My dad arrived next, 'a giant man with hefty dreams'. Yes, he arrived but 'without his shine intact' for he was ill too and he has lost his wife.
I cater to him now. Each day, i hear his wailing. It is audible! I take a look at him. I just watch!

I want to love him better. I want to love him so much but i have grown too weak in my health. I have become energy-less, function-less and my resources have exhausted.

Before they arrived, i was 'in many battles' already. "I was surpassing google".

Seeking to adjust the world, i undertook the 'complexest tenets' of life to understand 'life and humans', that i can reveal 'the answers'. This happened!
From deep places, i found 'answers' and it was simple and it was this: "fix the tears with some teardrops". 

I evolved the models, kept 'the dreams' alive in 'dream-bits', wrote 'fresh curriculums', built an entire ecosystem called 'Teardrops', to reward each tear.

The models are set now, there are dates now, tunnels can begin to find light now. However, there were many battles and my body got beat. My body is beat now!

In the light of recent events relating to 'my parents', i kept deteriorating but faster. Besides the mental exhaustion, my dad 'has daily medical-expenses, hospital-expenses, even a pending surgery etc' that i try cater to. My finances exhausted fast especially because 'my body had entered into over-drive'. 
"Excruciating pains all-body-long", i kept eating like daily-bread. My very formation changed. I haven't slept for years. Till date, there hasn't been space for one 'rest'.

I need a rehabilitation fast but even so, my dad's needs come first. I can't halt working now. By all means, he needs a home and sustenance at least. In deep truth, the only fantasy that i can manage to create is, "i want to love my dad better". I have not been able to love him well.

There is still that chance for 'a healing' and the solution can be quite simple but at this stage, i will need your help.

I simply want to set-up an office/hub called 'Macrohard' near my house, in the Philippines. Macrohard is an entire enterprise. It intends to create a 'programming  language' that anyone can code in regardless of 'levels of literacy', further removing all 'barriers to entry' from the process of 'dream-building'. It will help project-owners who can't code to have 'better relationships with programmers and success at project-development', by providing these ones with 'programmers who can code with SWAG' (i.e "brother programmers").

An office/hub will help me heal. I can see faces again. I can maintain proximity to my dad to cater to him. I can empower others. Then, I can begin to allocate my 'many tasks' to fellow humans. My projects can keep on in motion. I can begin to find rest.

To see the entire plot, kindly read the entirety of this publication!

I turn to humans once again, to 'the beauty of creation' and implore you to buy out time to save 'surpassinggoogle'.

'Fit me' and there are many beautiful things we can do, for i am 'your boy terry' and that is a constant.
"Fit me" and for once, i can begin to love my dad aright.

'I can heal, i can heal' but i am in rubble and i need a hand, that i can hand you a hand in return. Take my hand and help me stand.

Save Surpasssinggoogle!!!

Help me raise some 'funds' to set-up a Macrohard hub/office near my house. As i accrue a portion of the 'desired funds', i will purchase 'a good camera and PC' first, in order to start the hub/office remotely 'via live-streams, interviews etc'.

As more funds are accrued, i will begin to set-up the physical office. Then, a portion of the funds will go towards the sustenance of my household (i.e my dad and i) for 3-months. This will enable my to buy some 'time', till i can gain feet again.

Donate To Save Surpassinggoogle

Desired funds: 6000 SBD/3500 USD. See details!

Funds raised will be used to setup a 'Macrohard' hub/office near my house in the Philippines, allowing us to emanate 'a network of brother programmers/entrepreneurs' and together, we will build all my projects, many noble dreams and help with 'steem growth'. Most importantly, i will be able to attain a recovery in my health, while taking care of my dad, who is ill, loving him better. 
You can contact me via '' incase you want donate and you would like other convenient ways to donate than those listed.


Note: You can also vote the 'steemgigs' witness here and support my SPS proposal 

to 'fund the set-up of a Macrohard hub via steemconnect here.

Are you ready to go in deep? Do you want further insight into each of my projects, 'the models', 'the curriculums', 'surpassinggoogle' etc?

The totality of this publication is a '70-min' read. However, it could not be contained in one post due to the steem's block-size capacity. This means that i have published the publication in parts, linking each part. 

Below, i will place the URL to the remainder of the publication. I implore you to buy out time to read the entirety of this publication with your spirit and being, that you can pay attention to the undertone of 'your boy Terry', in one giant read.

Go in deep! 

Would you like to read the publication in one place? Click here.

Your Boy Terry


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@surpassinggoogle, Strongly praying to Almighty and hope that your Obstacles will vanish soon. Stay blessed.

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