Yes! Today we obtained a second key for Satoshi's Treasure Hunt!

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This hunt is so exciting!

About a week ago I had my first success obtaining a key for the Satoshi's Treasure Hunt, which was super exciting.. The hunt has been very challenging at times, but also a lot of fun.. My boyfriend decided he didn't want to miss out, so he has joined the hunt a few days ago. He's now also part of the @steemclan, and so far he has been a great help.

The past days many of us have spent hours going through livestreams to find QR codes and passphrases

A few days ago the DLive keys were announced, meaning we could obtain 6 new keys this week if we would find the QR codes and passphrases in the livestream. Super exciting, but it's great to be part of a clan so not every member has to watch the many hours of livestream all these people are doing. Because damn, some last up to 11 hours! While I was actually trying to work on another key this morning, I saw one of the streamers come online, so I decided to start watching as I needed a break anyway. Thankfully I did, and with a little help of my boyfriend who paid a little more attention than I did after these hours screen watching, we obtained the key!

Hopefully many more to follow!


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Yay!!! Congrats to you!!

hahha university of kick-ass diploma.. that's one I didn't have yet, so thank you @doctorcrypto :-)

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Good hunting, @anouk.nox!