Those Russian Dolls start popping up offline as well | Earth Key

in satoshistreasure •  9 months ago  (edited)

The hunt for the Earth Key is keeping us busy

Today we went to the flea market and the first thing we saw: Russian Dolls (Matryoshka).. Pretty funny if you know how much time we have been spending on trying to unlock the earth key for #satoshistreasure. So not only are we looking at those dolls online, but they are also hunting us offline now!

"Could be a clue", @anarcist69 mentioned when we showed the picture earlier today..

To be continued, it's keeping us busy for sure..


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Hehehe ... ask the dolls if they know where to find the treasure.

As crazy as this earth key is making us all, I gotta say, I have always loved those dolls. So much so, I collect them for Christmas! I have a Santa one, a nutcracker one, and a Christmas tree one. I need more! Give me more matryoshka dolls dammit!!!

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