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Steemclan is on fire in the Satoshi's Treasure hunt for $ 1 million worth of BTC !

We retrieved 3 keys last week! So we did really well, and I'm proud to be part of the @steemclan! We seem to be able to have expertise in the clan for many kinds of puzzles, and the key is working together to finally obtain the key. The power of community is really our strength.

The Freedom Key in Freetown Christiania (Copenhagen)

freedom key.png

Once this key was released we knew we were going to nail this one after the success with the Nirvana a few days earlier. If we could manage to find someone in India retrieving the key for us, we would defo not have a problem finding someone in Copenhagen, right? It took a bit before we got to business making arrangements with this key, as we assumed soon someone would step up with the right person in the neighbourhood. At a certain point I thought I should just try calling out everywhere, even though it wouldn't seem logical. For example I called out for help in a Budapest group, hoping someone came from Copenhagen. It didn't seem like a coincidence when one of the ladies responded that she happened to be in Copenhagen that day! Unfortunately, this was a dead end without any internet access during that day.

We didn't give up though

As we kept the faith, we gave it our all to find someone to go to the location in Freetown to retrieve the key, with success! That moment that you see that picture appear with the QR code, and you can finally scan it to fill in the passphrase is amazing. For me it was the first time that I was able to unlock the key by scanning the code and filling in the passphrase myself. So far I had only seen others unlocking the keys and helping out during the hunt towards unlocking the key. I have to say that when I saw the key being unlocked and reading: "Congratulations Hunter" I jumped up and down on my chair, internally screaming from excitement!

The first key I unlocked was The Freedom key, marked in my memory forever

This was the first key that I obtained for the clan, and with that a nice amount of tokens in my steem-engine wallet as reward. Don't think you only get tokens for unlocking a key, because tokens are also spread among those that are actively helping to get to the point of unlocking the key! I have no technical skills myself, and I want to emphasize that that's not needed to unlock a key, so don't stay away because you think you won't be able to help, remember the power lies within our community on Steemit! Some keys are easier to unlock than others, and you can hop in whenever you want. A little warning: I got told by someone in the clan (you know who you are hehe) that it's addictive once you have obtained a key, and that I should probably make sure my boyfriend can watch the toddler for the next year so I can hunt.


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Great work Anouk!
I still have yet to fully get one myself.
Good thing there going to be a l lot more to try. :)

High five. I'm envious and cant wait to unlock one myself

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I just had a good look around the discord channels and watched the video somone posted that's a summary of where the hunt is currently but i'm still completely lost.

Are there any articles you can point me to that say "do this" then "do this"? It looks like a lot of fun but I haven't a clue what's going on. 😢 😂

https://youtu.be/6EdQVTLXs7c @gillianpearce that will give you a good summary

I think she already watched that... if that's the one posted in the channel ...

Yep. I watched that. 😁

What I did, was not go and read all the keys in the channels, but only read in those without the green mark behind it (those are unsolved) .. then I still was completely lost for a while and only read along for a few weeks before I started actively searching for clues etc.. I actually waited until there was an "easy" key where we needed to find locations of pictures located globally.. that's where I earned my first bit of tokens for my help.. so don't feel weird for not getting it just read along and once you see this is for me join ..

What I did, was not go and read all the keys in the channels, but only read in those without the green mark behind it (those are unsolved) .. then I still was completely lost for a while

OK. That makes me feel better then.

I was reading through that key with the can and it seemed way beyond my level of understanding. 😁

no worries some of the unsolved I feel exactly the same.. I have done an attempt to hop in a few days ago, because sometimes a fresh pair of eyes helps, and others may have been thinking too hard and are not seeing the obvious anymore.. but so far no luck either.. I'm now leaving them again, until I suddenly think of something but not going to stay stuck on them ;)

I had my notifications on and read in the server every day (scan it when it was a crowded channel with lots activity) and just waited until one came up which I understand.. it's not all so difficult, sometimes it's as easy as sending a person to a certain location to get the key :) so it may be you one day that unlocks one :)

Congratulations @anouk.nox!
You raised your level and are now a Minnow!

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Great job! Extremely exciting! You guys are rockin-n-rolling! Thank you all for your hard work.

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