Game Idea: Satoshi Clicker

I'd like someone to create a cookie clicker clone and add a few key things.
Here's the website for cookie clicker: They even have an idle clicker maker program. So, you can code your own clicker game.


45% Steem Burn
45% rewards pool
10% designer

You generate cookies on a private server. There's a button that allows you to burn steem to transfer those cookies to Steem Engine. Once there you can stake them, but it costs steem to send them there. Some is burned and some is staked and the game maker gets some too.

Now the money that comes in is used as a mining pool for the people staking tokens. So, anyone that has played and staked gets a chance to earn from anyone else doing the same thing.


Steem gets a burn.
You make money.
There's a reward pool for players and they make money playing your game.

Idle Game Maker

If you make something let me know in discord via

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I was looking at that site yesterday. I can't quite get my head around the dynamics of the games. Can't quite see the purpose.

So in the case of your game idea, how are people who have staked their cookies earning steem? Are the staked cookies like a miner?

Dear @aggroed

I'm still learning about Steem-engine and trying to figure out how does this tool work and I still have some small two questions I would like to ask you:

  • can transactions NOT be free? Let's say I would like to create fee of 1% on each transaction and that 1% would be burned. I would love such a functionality.

  • strategic investors are receiving some initial tokens. could those tokens be "frozen" for specicit amount of time before could be traded?


@aggroed, Sounds like Tree Structure. Hope that soon someone will take this Idea 💡 and bring out the Working Idea. Keep up.

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Heads up, they are gunning for us.

Their fees are gonna work against them, imo.
They are sub .01usd, but they are not zero like steem's.

Great !

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This reminds me of Bitcoin Billionaire clicker game on mobile. That could be fun too.

So are you saying there will be a corresponding cookie coin on Steem Engine?

Now the money that comes in is used as a mining pool for the people staking tokens.

Mining what token, the same cookie token? or another? How does the person who paid steem to send the cookie to Steem Engine earn from this model?

Interesting, I will take a look

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Staking cookies in a hope someone else will stake after me? It looks like pyramid scheme.

A little off topic @aggroed, but wishing you a happy 40 moons birthday!


!giphy birthday+cake

One of the funniest gifs I have ever seen!

This is another promising game that makes steem great again!

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Better make real cookies, eat them and burn colories. Earn @actifit tokens in the process 🤪

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