Playing with the camera in black and white

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Gloomy shots on a gloomy rainy day to gloom your gloomy self-quarantines!

Just kidding! I was playing with some shots I took last summer in @trumpman's village. Black and white has a unique power to turn even the simplest of shots into a piece of art.

Don't you agree?

ruth-girl bw (7).jpg

ruth-girl bw (6).jpg

ruth-girl bw (4).jpg

ruth-girl bw (1).jpg

ruth-girl bw (3).jpg

ruth-girl bw (8).jpg

ruth-girl bw (2).jpg

Looking at those shots makes me feel like a good photographer, hahaha!

Which one is your favorite?

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I like them all but especially the first one, not sure if I would have thought of such a photo..
And I see no faces, but still, I feel a little bit scared.
These are some spooky shots for sure!

Kathrine we share the same taste!! The first one is my favorite too! 🖤

If you can't see the face in here as well, then there is definitely something wrong with you! 🤣🤣
trumpman tourta.jpg

Hmmm I just see a monokini bathing suit, I wonder what's wrong with me?

Enjoying the railway track one. If you follow the line then look up to the left at those blurred trees, you'll see a side profile of a face.

Interesting, to me it looks like one of the monsters of Notre Dame...

I still see faces everywhere I look. My world is haunted with ghosts. Even in the trees on the left of the bottom image; more faces.

That's creepy! Now I'll be too afraid to look at my shots again! Who knows what new faces I'll find...

The second one :D

Thank you! 😊

Number 6 here 😃

So far we got 2 on the rails 😉

Oh, about one minute difference between our comments, I just saw it now hahaha. Rails rails rails!!! 😃

What used to be the abandoned building? Awesome shots ♡

I don't remember, I think it was some salt factory or salt storage house? I have to ask @trumpman again... 💜

It's cool. Ghosted places call on me. History has it's way with my soul ♡

Second one is my favourite.

Is that trumpman in the last frame?


Yeap! That's him, flip flops and bermudas all summer long!


Hiya @ruth-girl you TOO are here on HIVE! I came back to Steemit yesterday and all hell had broke loose, so here I am at HIVE now, the NEW Normal I suppose :)

Also what is Whaleshares? So many new things...

How are you and your part of the world?

B&W and Sepia pics are the best!