Making running social and promoting Steem

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I am posting this to the #Steem Running community. This is still a beta feature, but I hope it will be released soon as I see it as key to making Steem more attractive. People want to follow topics and not just individuals.

Communities are part of being social. #Running can be a solitary activity, but there are also lots of clubs and events such as parkrun that bring us together. We could be exploiting that aspect to bring more people to Steem. We have dapps such as @Actifit and @Exhaust where people can post their activities to earn extra rewards and @sportstalksocial where they can also earn tokens by using the appropriate tag. There is also @runningproject that shares and rewards posts.

I was thinking that if you turned up at events with a shirt like this it might trigger some conversations like when I got talking to people in Vegan Runner shirts. Of course I suck at design, but I am sure someone could come up with something much better that we could get printed on shirts via one of the on-line services that can distribute around the world. If they make the design creative commons then anyone could make use of it.


I see obscurity as one of Steem's failings right now. We need to get more people talking about it.

I have been considering changing the app I use to log my runs. I have used Endomondo for years, but it is a bit lacking in social features. I see a lot of people use Strava and there is already a Steem club on there. It would be great to get more existing Steemians in there if they use Strava. I am going to look into the integration with @exhaust.

I am wondering if we can get a Steem Running Club added to parkrun too. I need to look into how to make that happen. The name would show up in the results lists.

What else could we do to promote Steem to runners?

Signing up to Strava has made me think again I could do with a running watch so I can monitor my progress as well as logging heart rate. I have just used my phone so far. I am not going for the top of the range models, but the Garmin Forerunner 45 and Forerunner 235 seem to have similar specifications for a reasonable price. I had a cheap Xiaomi watch, but it did not really do what I wanted. I did have a Pebble that could show my pace, but that was just taking it from the phone and did not do heart rate. I welcome any recommendations.

Run free!

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I have synced up Strava to my fitbit and am looking to do 2,020km this year or a "run every day" challenge (or both!) so found this post enticing!

I don't really know how Strava works exactly for challenges like this though but if there are other runners on here then it would be great to join them!

I would struggle to run every day, but I'll try to do more this year. 2020km would be a really cool number. I've n lot looked into creating challenges on Strava, but there are loads on there. Good luck with you challenge and keep us updated. We can use the community and tags to bring things together.

Are there any Zombies, Run players on Steem? Or is there a way to finds Steemians on Zombies, Run? 🧟‍♀️

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I've not used it. There could tags you can search for or maybe someone will create a community.

Maybe I'LL create a community as I start running again...

Maybe I'LL create
A community as I
Start running again...

                 - dandann

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I think you're right @steevc we do need to talk more. I am one of those people that doesn't want to force these things on people or preach to them, but at the same I really want Steem to succeed. We've all put in a lot of hard work.
T Shirts...Yes, your design is simple and to the point, I would buy one.

I'm sure someone could do a better design than that. I've not looked into where I could get a shirt printed yet, but I expect it's easy enough to get it done. The first step is to start conversations.

Should I create a parkrun club for Steem? I'm thinking it should just be called Steem Runners and link it to the #parkrun tag. Apparently you can just ask and they add it.

Let me take another look at seeing if I can incorporate Endomondo into EXHAUST before you switch. I've been meaning to take a look at that, and PolarTracker as well.

Like the shirt idea! Been thinking that something like this would be cool. Especially if you could get custom ones with your name, and maybe even a cool QR code link to your Steem blog page (maybe people could scan it with their phones on-site at a ParkRun, so you can Follow or maybe event up-vote your latest post).

I've been on holidays for the last two weeks, but I'll be available on Discord again for some brainstorming by Monday. Hoping to start the new year with some upgrades to the project, and some progress on the Android app I've been making (which could hopefully / potentially mean that you don't need to use Strava either).

I want to try Strava anyway as it has some attractive features. I never found many people to connect to on Endomondo. I only really started using it as there was a special offer to buy the app when I started running. I can make a fresh start for this year. We can catch up for a chat some time to discuss how to move things forward.

Thanks for this, i had no idea strava had a steem geoup. Joined 👍

Thanks a lot for promoting this community 👍

As you might know I am using Amazfit Stratos 2 and I am quite satisfied with it. Actually, I am waiting for Stratos 3 to become available in Europe.

Strava exhaust integration is a life saver when you are reporting from the phone.

We have plenty of runners on Steem. Getting them working together could make for a powerful force.

A simple cryptic t-shirt just saying


Would be good.

I wonder if you could live stream runs on Vimm?

Coordinate a number of SPR's (Steem Powered Runners) to simulataneously live stream at the same time around the world.

Could make a good bit on social media PR.

Good luck with all of that! Maybe some day I will actually be a runner and I will join! :)

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