Weekly Running Update - Picking Up Speed

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Last week was my first three run week for a couple of months, even if the Wednesday midweek run was only 1K - deliberate so I build back distance slowly.

Just been gradually picking up speed, resisting the urge go for it!

I track most of my runs with Garmin, which auto uploads to Strava.

Weekly running summary:

  • Total kilometres this week: 10 (not including warm ups)
  • No. of runs: 3

Monday's Run - 5K slow


I'm still taking it easy on these runs, happy enough to keep 5K as my long run while I up the distance on Wednesday and the pace on the Friday.

Wednesday's Run: 1K middle, will be intervals


Really just a little tester to see if my body could handle this plus the two 'proper' runs - it felt odd just heading out for a couple of laps of the local park - it'll be four next week, then six, and then I might think about injecting some pace with intervals!

Friday's Run: 4K 'fast'


I'm upping my pace a little every week - 4.35 average for this week, or thereabouts, 4.30 for next week planned, and then I might take it a bit slower up to 4.20 - TBH I think a 4.20 pace for 4Ks is not a bad 'recovery pace', so I'll be happy to hold it there, and then up the distance on Monday.

Overall pace increase for July

KM Minute.JPG

I made the above Spreadhseet, not sure if it's the best way to display the running data, but it's easy enough to maintain, I guess what I want going forwards is to maintain the 5K pace and quicken the 4K pace.

Next week's plans

Being disciplined enough to hold the pace slow-ish on Monday and the distance down at 5K, limit myself to 2Ks on Wednesday and then gradually faster on the Friday.


It looks like Garmin have resolved their issues now. We may see more attacks like that on popular services.

Fast/slow is relative. It makes me smile that your slow runs would be a sprint for me, but we each have our own pace.

Hope you are recovering well. By the time parkrun comes back you should be much quicker.

Pace is always relative!

I'm kind of glad Park Run isn't on the agenda anytime soon, that would just make me run harder.

On the other hand it's a shame, the next month or so is my absolute favourite time of year for the Park Run, when it's warm enough to lounge around on the grass afterwards.

I think I may be out of the country before it comes back.

Every day is a good day when you run.
Kevin Nelson

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