My Entry for The REDFISH RALLY 100 GOAL SETTING CHALLENGE - WEEK 4: MARCH 23-29 2020 | Goals Helps you Stay Motivated!

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Hello Everyone,
Today I am coming with my Last post for the Redfish Rally 100 - March, 2020. In this post I am going to submit my entry for the REDFISH RALLY 100 GOAL SETTING CHALLENGE - WEEK 4: MARCH 23-29 2020

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Setting Goals for Life

A goal is clearly defined objective that you want to achieve in life. It is a process of moving from where you are, to where you want to be. All successful people set clearly defined goals. This gives their life power, purpose and a sense of direction. Without goals, it is unlikely that you will make any significant progress in life.
Most people are unhappy because they don't know where they are going in life, and so their lives lack meaning and purpose. As a result they lack an inner sense of self worth, often becoming angry and taking it out on other people.
As soon as you learn how to set goals and start working towards achieving those goals, you will begin to feel that you are in control of your life. You'll also quikly spot the distractions that would otherwise lure you from your course.
Goal setting is a powerful process for thinking about your ideas future, and for motivating yourself to turn this vision of future into reality. More than this, properly set goals can motivate you immensly and built your self- confidence.
It does takes a lot of efforts, but if oyu can train yourself to concentrate on your goals consistently, you will create new thought patterns and therefore new habits of behaviour.
Be up and doing. Set your goals and know where and how you are going.
Remember, success is not and accident. It is 25% inspiration and 75% perspiration. So it is extremely important for you to set, up a precise goal in life and make efforts to reach it.
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I knew about Steem a year ago. But I didn't know how to use it and earn rewards from it. Finally I took it as a risk to open a Steem Profile without any experience. This year in January I opened up my account and try to know the whole thing about Steem Blockchain.

@wesphilbin sir is the first person who came to support me to know about Steem. He invited me to their Biggest Community called The Terminal (formerly Steem Terminal). The Terminal always rising their helping hand for the newbie Steemian who have still some confusion about Steem Blockchain. Sometimes some of new user of steemit had to so confused about the complexity of the whole system of Steemit. But Steem Terminal appears with a cheerful mind and supports them not to be worried.

I have a little amount of SP in my Steem Account. It's about 38 of Steem Power. As Steemitboare says, I am Redfish of Steem Blockchain. My target is to be a Dolphin of this Biggest Platform. Nowadays I am working hard to improve my Activities on Steem Blockchain. I hope I will be a Dolphin with a total of 5000 SP in my Steem Wallet within the first Quarter of 2022. Hope everyone will support me as always.


I learned many things by participating on the Redfish Rally 100. I knew how to make a better blog for writing. I also know the whole system of Steem Blockchain. The Terminal helps me a lot to know about not only Steem but also some important knowledge about life. I am too much inspired to make my blogs more creative by participating on The Redfish Rally 100.


I am a Redfish on Steemit. Nowadays I am more concentrated on my writing. #steemterminal helps me a lot to improve myself as a redfish with their valuable advice and suggestions. Thanks to everyone for supporting me. Hope I will be coming with more creative content on my future posts.


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Specially Thanks to @steemterminal, @thekittygirl, @brittandjosie, @wesphilbin, @drakernoise, @justclickindiva @sgt-dan @iamraincrystal and also other who are always spending their valuable time to make the Steem Terminal community strong.

Thank you,



Well i know we all were routing for you in the rally and in the terminal and you did good, me and @justclickindiva think you did well, this was the last blog and we will not have a rally in april, so we wish you well, and thank you for participating

Thank you ma'am for your biggest support.

Nicely done, now following.

Appreciate the shout out, and good to see you continue your journey on a positive path...


Thank you sir

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