The up vote miner "Earn a life long up votes when entering the game by just one comment"

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How it works and Tutorial

when you are doing your first job you will get a 10% post up vote. it will always be there by playing the game you can grow it over time up to 80%.

the camp of a bandit has been located and in the stolen goods between all up votes it was a map of a larger bandit stronghold close by. The castle guards are planing to attack it soon, not before they know more of it. part of and farmer harvest has been taken in but most of it still Remanding outside he is asking for help to harvest the rest before winter is here. life goes by in the small city, and no time to rest


photos from pixabay


What one job will you do this time?

  • work in the Gold mine 2x gold up votes on comments
  • TheLumberjack adding a +3% on your post up vote.
  • Jone the Guards as a Soldier scout the bandit stronghold on the map. (one a hit to get the information you need)

Reward 2 gold up vote and 2 comment up votes (-2 comments up vote on using the amulet)

Jone the Town as a worker (multiplayer only) help the farm to get rest of his wheat inn before winter.
minimum 2 wagons

Reward +4% and 2 comments up voted. (bonus +1 comments per hit over the minimum amount)
(-1 comments up vote on using the amulet)

How to play the Soldier or the Worker

The Soldier and the Town worker has two turns using the @ rollthedice its a one hit system the bandits has no attack.
1-3 is a hit and 4-6 is a miss

The amulet you have a option to use a amulet it will give you and +1 to hit. now using the
@ rollthedice and now 1-4 is a hit, and 5-6 is a miss this will lower how much Reward you get. if you are successful.

multiplayer you most inform in the comment who's on the mission to get it accepted.
if and mission is success you can not jone it but you can start a new one in the same post. with new players joining it.

if you fail you mission you will only get one comment up voted


Current villagers

@cyber.explorer (up vote level 10%)
@creativetruth (up vote level 19%)
@ecoinstant (up vote level 28%)
@methus (up vote level 74%)
@happyme (up vote level 80%)
@stever82 (up vote level 80%)
@hhayweaver (up vote level 22%)
@ligayagardener (up vote level 27%)
@enjoycompany (up vote level 57%)
@enosh (up vote level 16%)
@mastergerund (up vote level 13%)
@stuffbyspencer (up vote level 10%)
@moncia90 (up vote level 10%)
@secret-art (up vote level 18%)
@maxwellmarcusart (up vote level 26%)
@voxmortis (up vote level 14%)
@improv (up vote level 54%)
@qwerrie (up vote level 10%)
@ecoinstar (up vote level 15%)
@trincowski (up vote level 28%)
@quantumdeveloper (up vote level 37%)
@ironshield (up vote level 13%)
@fredkese (up vote level 10%)

max up vote level is 80% when you are hitting the limit. 1% up votes equals to 1 comment up vote. when you getting % in the rewards you will receive up vote instead of the %


  • you can increase you up vote level by Delegation.

+3% up vote. Cost 30 SP
if you are Delegation inform me in the comments



I'm going to help the solders scout out the bandit camp. @rollthedice

Shake shake shake, you roll the 6-sided die.

You rolled a 3.

Oh yeah I got the info, time to head back.

the castle guards Receiving the info. and by your help they start to make a plan. they pay your salary for the job.

Gold mine please. Thanks!

your payment has been made after the work you did in the gold mine

Super! Thanks.

I will be the lumberjack.

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nice you are now at 16%

I'll lumberjack

and 77% to you


nice. you are at 40% now

Join the lumberjack again thanks. The forests must be getting thin

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yes they are. but for some reason the keep growing. 60% now

Growth is so wonderful!

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I will be TheLumberjack

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nice you are now at 19%

I act as jones the guard to help safeguard the farmer against the intrude of the bandits while he is harvesting. @rollthedice

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Shake shake shake, you roll the 6-sided die.

You rolled a 2.

lets hope more will help and get it done.

Yeah. I hope so too. I roll again to get more wagon brought in @rollthedice

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Shake shake shake, you roll the 6-sided die.

You rolled a 3.

Got the job done.

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Nice roll! Bonus for us. Now 3 wagons in.

Wow that's cool.

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I'd like to work as a Lumberjack and cut down a lot of trees! 😃

by your help. a lot of trees are now on the way to the lumber mill and get turns in the planks. after getting your payment you are now at 31%


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its getting a long along nicely. you are now at 57%

The lumberjack

the lumber mill is glad for your help. and after getting your payment you are sitting at 13%

Thank you

I'll help the farmer get his crop in. Joining the team of @maxwellmarcusart


Shake shake shake, you roll the 6-sided die.

You rolled a 4.

2nd try: @rollthedice
and @maxwellmarcusart should roll again as well.

Shake shake shake, you roll the 6-sided die.

You rolled a 3.

That's 2 wagons in.

nice the wheat is inn. the 4% is change to votes and combine whit the bonus and the 2 votes you have revised 7 comment up votes.

I'm pulling 30 Steem delegation back, so that way I have another 3% to grow on the blog votes.
I'll take the other 30 in a week or 2, so that will allow another 3% towards the 80% maximum.
With the value of Steem so low, my own votes are shrinking below the pay-out cut-off and I want my votes to actually get paid out, so looking to get my SP just a bit higher. I'm even considering selling off some other coins or cards to buy more SP with.

Haha nice to see you join and assist the farmer get his crop in.

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You get 2 dice rolls and you just used one, so you can roll again and get us a bonus if you roll low.

Oh really? I thought you only have a second chance when you missed the first.

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Nope... The rules say you get 2 rolls. It doesn't say "only if you miss the first". It also says that you get comment votes on any extra wagons brought in. If you could only roll once, you would never get any extra wagons and others could NOT join once the 2 wagons are in. They would be starting a NEW quest. So go ahead and roll without feeling like you were cheating.

Alright thanks for the clarification. I will go ahead and roll another.

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Super! Good luck.

I was going to work the gold mine until I saw you needed another wagon-load brought in, so I figured I would see if I could help. I got lucky this time. Last time I tried to help I got 2 high rolls.

That is so kind of you. I hope more hands would come.

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With just 2 wagons to bring in, if you rolled low twice before I joined, it would have become a single-player game since you already completed the quest and others can't join once the quest is done. If I'm not mistaken, it used to take 3 successful rolls to complete the multi-player quests/jobs. @darklands might need to revisit the rules.


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you are not mistaken. the amount can been different form time to time.

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