#Rockclassics - they debuted 33 years ago

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Appetite for Destruction is today 33 years old. A good thing to celebrate it for #rockclassics, even if my friend @uwelang is not their biggest fan.

What can I say, it was one of the debut albums in history, very professional made. As I think about, Guns N' Roses have been all the time pros in they way they handled their production and shows. Their life, personal and as band is/was a mess, but everything they delivered was top notch.

For their debut album, they made more songs than needed. They've chosen the ones that they liked the most and the ones who would best fit from a lot of point of views. They wanted to have only a ballad on it, so November Rain was left out. Yes, that huge hit did not make on the debut album. Another song was chosen instead:

For me, Guns N' Roses was one of the first rock bands I start listening. I was 10 when I discovered them, with Don't Cry which was aired on MTV, when MTV was playing music.

My wife and I managed to see them 3 years ago, when they have been in Munich. They were not anymore young. Life changed them, but the music was still great.

So, happy anniversary!


I am and was also a big fan of Guns N`Roses. Unfortunately I never saw them live, but in Florida there was a cover band called "Guns with Roses" and they were really good. All the hits were super covered.

Eines meiner Lieblingsalben - Wirklich Großartiges Stück Musik. Und tatsächlich eines der Alben das ich mir damals - nachdem ich die Platte auf Vinyl (sogar die mit dem Roboter und der Frau auf dem Cover) von meiner Cousine hatte als MC für den Walkman gekauft habe (von meinem Taschengeld) und später noch mal auf CD.

Heute ist die Platte immer noch als Offline Download in der Spotify App. Geht eigentlich immer - bei jeder Laune :)

All that Hair! A pretty impressive debut album indeed. Thanks for remembering the anniversary and sharing it Alex.

Thanks buddy @alexvan - this was the only album of the Guns I can live with :-) - reblogged