Budgeting | Road to Steemfest

Budgeting.....something my @philippekiene and I have failed at the past 12 years.

My husband and I fell from the same tree when it comes to money spending habits....we see, we like, we buy or we do!


We are fly by our pants type of people in the way we live life and the way we spend. We love the idea of saving. But have just never been proactive in doing so. There are just too many new gadgets and toys that distract us and let's not forget to mention how life sometimes throws a curveball that turns your finances upside down and that budget flies right out the window anyway.

Have we started budgeting for Steemfest? No! Expectations create disappointments lol.

The main cost for us will be the tickets for Steemfest and we really need to pull our fingers out and buy the tickets before the price increase.

Having Australian passports and multiple entry visas for Cambodia, we can cross the border overland by bus for around $20 US and have a 14-day free visa. Flights are around $70 US and included a 30-day visa. Although we will be heading back straight after Steemfest as my Mum and sister will arrive in Cambodia from Australia 2 days before we return.

We haven't decided which mode of transport yet, I guess we will confirm that when we get closer to the event. But again we like to fly by the seat of our pants and have adventure slap us in the face (that's how our family of 7 ended up living in Asia for the past 7 years lol), so who knows how we will get there.... did someone say we should ride our motorbikes into the sunset and ride over the border???

Here is a picture of my beautiful girl who is just screaming for a long ride!


Image source

We have semi booked but still in talks with The Prince Palace Hotel as they made an error in our booking, but again we aren't stressing about that either. What will be, will be.


We are actually very lucky Steemfest is so close to us this year. Having been to Bangkok many times we know the cost of living is VERY CHEAP and even if the universe was to send us on a shoestring budget we could still have the ability to live like a king and queen.

Either way, I know @philippekiene and I are going to have a bloody blast!

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Oh that would be cool if you'd arrive on that bike instead of other transport haha.. So cool that it's not that far from where you live, making it a lot more doable financial wise :)

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I hope you would meet wonderful people in steemfest @mumma-monza :D