Back From SteemFest || One For The Road

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This time, last week, I was unpacking, still on a high. I was bouncing off the energy I had soaked in for a week, an energy that followed me over borders through Telegram, Discord, WhatsApp and SteemFest posts. Now a whole week later, the energy is still there but so is routine/humdrum of life and the myriad of posts - the good, the bad, the ugly.


So with @anomadsoul asking for one last post to round up the #blocktradescontest & #roadtosteemfest challenges, I am on it to give this episode in my life some closure.

Talk about your past self before Steem Fest, and compare that self to your post-self after Steem Fest. What are the positive aspects of the SF? What did you like? What didn't you like? Would you wish things would've been different? What would you have changed? How is this all affecting your perspective of Steem in general? How do you see Steem Fest unfolding in 2020 after everything you saw happening during these days?

This is my first experience of SteemFest and I now understand the posts from previous years, and why the attendees were on a high as they shared their experiences. SF4 is now one of my top highlights of my Steem Experience so far. And from what I hear from those who have attended the previous ones, there was something a little extra with this.

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I always knew it was the people of Steem that kept me going through the sporadic highs and floods of lows on the SteemVerse. There were a few... and one particular one that I wanted to meet when I told myself "by hook or crook" I'm going. She wasn't there, but the Steemians who were made up for it. Well, the plan is still to find a way to meet her... perhaps in the next one... who knows, even sooner.

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I wouldn't say I have changed much from before and after as a person. Even though, a big part of SteemFest is to meet and mingle and I did that less than most, I am at peace with it. Prior to this, I would beat myself up for not working the room, sometimes even embarrassed that I wasn't as "loud" and bubbly as the extroverts, coveting their natural abilities to strike up a conversation, making small talk.

But here I am, one week later, still buzzing from my experience. No regrets. Yes, I didn't go over and beyond to make a mark but I was in the midst of a group of people who felt like I did about Steem. I basked in the vibes, soaked in the energies. I didn't get to talk to some that I had planned to, but I got to know others that were delightful.

At this point, I'm good with letting things fall and flow naturally. Happy with letting the ships, whatever they may be or not, take its natural course without forcing it into the expected.

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Without dropping names, I was in a bowling team that had a witness. I was clueless that the organiser of Steemfest was top witness. Witnesses ... top witnesses hanging out just like anybody else. Being in the same room, in the same groups chatting and laughing,... and I saw people without labels.

With HF21/22, when the pitchforks were out and the top witnesses were the bad guys, I wondered if I was just clueless and did not see it for what it was. After all, they were enabling the rich to get richer by taking from the poor. I read so many posts for and against. Maybe it's my bloody Libra trait or the fact that I have been middle management, but I kind of saw both sides and in between. Meeting them though, they didn't have horns or forked tongues. Maybe they were devils in sheepskin but I would like to think I have a knack for knowing the good from the bad and no, my hair did not stand on end in their presence. One thing I've learnt in my lifetime is nothing is black or white.

Of course, Steemit Inc being there and some right up to the end, made everything surreal. For all the bad press, it was great that they placed themselves right in the centre and talked to anyone who wanted to chat. It takes a lot of guts to put yourself out there, when tonnes blamed you for the many things that went wrong and is still wrong in the SteemVerse.

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After getting the feels of the "hearts" behind the heads/usernames, and now back to reality, I am thinking and hoping there's a ripple effect to take us to where we need to be. Within the Steemverse and beyond. There's so much going on, so many ideas to grow Steem, to onboard the masses. Yes, crypto is complicated for the average joe/jill. I am that person!! Talk content, I'm fired tech, keys, tokens... my eyes glaze. Yet, I came, sat through the presentations, I wanted to know more. And this is what I wish for all noobs who get the opportunity to find Steem, that they'd give it a chance so they see... really see the possibilities. And then grab it by its horns.

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Oh, I do not want to mess with @roelandp's brilliant organising skills. We experienced Bangkok for what it is, including taking the train during peak hours and the alleyways hahaha. Loved every second of it. I wait to discover what's next with SF5.

Thank you @anomadsoul for running these challenges. Even though my initial plan was to cash out to help fund my trip to Bangkok. I just couldn't bring myself to do it as great as the story would have been. I will save that story for next year.



What's that one word you would say to summarized for SF4?:D

Only one word? hahaha

Ok a little tricky, but here goes


When you are behind your screen, you see words, you read between the lines, you understand the possibilities
But being with real people, you feel it :D

That's a very good word! Tangible. You feel with all your senses. :D

I loved this!!! And i loved how you had such peace! You made it exactly what it needed to be for you :)

I would still love you someday!!! Hehehe

Maybeeeeee ❤️

Time to accept me for who I am... actually I didn't even plan it... I just noticed it and it feels great :D

It's just sad that you had enough of this place
(there are still all kinds and there always will be I suppose... the thing with a "people business" eh?)

This verse definitely misses your bubbly laugh and feel good vibes

Maybe? For sure!!!
Let's just put it out there <33

Enough of the shenanigans... But never enough of the people ❤️

It just became time to pull back and see what the "business" end would do for steem- if they would stop placing such a burden on the user to be its salvation. Wondered if they would ever stop with the talk talk talking and take take taking.

I agree with you... No one has horns hehehe

But, you don't need horns to burn a place to the ground. Intention doesn't have to be evil, it can just be lackadaisical.

From what I've heard, the "middle class" is doing better, and the "upper class" isn't hurting.

But without a flourishing lower class (and a solid and continuous influx of these people that feel they have a good chance at doing something significant here) steem will ultimately stay stagnant.

And that just became too much of a task for try to keep encouraging the new user, and be the cheerleader- knowing that very few could ever build organically before losing hope and leaving.

If that wasn't a concern for the powers that be, it wasn't going to change. So.... Just became clear that my energy was wasted here when so much of my heart was dedicated to that new user.

It's fine though. I don't have any regrets in the time I spent here. I enjoyed meeting everyone and still get to peek in on their lives as time permits

And still dreeeeem about meeting them in person someday hehehe

You are one of those dear ones, that's for sure.


I understood all your frustrations

And though I miss you popping in with your 'hehe he" because I can actually hear your laughter when I read your comments.... you were done and you had to move is what it is

And yes for sure!!!... I have always wanted to visit the Americas
When I was younger just wanted to see all that "TV" in real life
But now for different reasons
I am thinking of The Block Party... but I know I need to start looking at making some real money as Steem is no where close to the moon haha
Who knows.... still putting it out there ;D

Ohhhhh yes!

I just saw @enginewitty's comment to me about blockparty2 and yesssss I wanna go!!!! Hehehhe. I'm dying to see everyone again!!;. But I've also had some crazy things in my life/health/schedule for a bit and every time one thing resolves ... 3 more come to replace it.

Deep cleansing breath lol

But I'm so focused on getting to blockparty2.... I hope it can happen!!! I need those hugs again. Hehehe

And a bunch of us have been a matter of fact ... I need to put out my report today. I was out of town for 2 weeks and didn't get my reports out! Lol

But only @shadowspub was saving during those two weeks.... she is the queen of faithful!!! hehehe

If steem actually goes will be a nice little savings fund coming back to all of us at the right time!!! I hope hope hope it goes up!!! Hehehe

1000 steem is only like $100 USD right now

If it's still low next time I get paid, i might toss a $100 into my account on the savingsfund.

Would be such a great investment if it paid off in time for blockparty2

And if you came!?!?!

Oh my gosh. I just got so excited hehehehe

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