The road to Steem Fest - Three truths, one lie

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Gamble your head off and enjoy possible rewards, no upvote/resteem needed!

All rewards of this post go to @ecotrain and @eco-alex if he decides to come along to Steemfest.

@eco-alex is the only person who cannot participate as he knows me too well (Come on Alex, get yourself a ticket man!)

Last year, I was the lucky winner of a BitShares ticket draw and ended up in Poland. I had an amazing time and I really want to say a few words about this event because I never did and I want you to know what this is about and why I am paying full price now to go again!

  • The organization by @roelandp exceeds your wildest expectations. It is savage, creative and professional at the same time. There is an abundance of food and drinks, all included, (fluent communications guaranteed). The only issue you might have is to remember the people you were hanging out with.
  • Steemfest is a gathering of tribes. Every individual is authentic and we all share our passion for Steem, it is more binding than you would think. I had the chance of meeting up with the people who are actually running this blockchain too. Revolutionaries! All of them! Crypto-Economics Business Geniuses like @aggroed but also real soul mates like @lukestokes and super-sympathetic dev guys like @gtg

On a personal note, my biggest pleasure was sitting together with Steem’s biggest financial sharks in a side-event poker tournament that was organized. I am a poker player but I never put so much money on the table to play. I was super lucky to win that tournament. I also was in the top 5 of another side-event resulting in an almost zero cost of this event, coooool!

Let’s get back to the post!


@anomadsoul came up with the idea of making a personal post with 3 truths and one lie.

For once :-) he had a good idea

After 7 days, I will reveal which one of the following 4 facts is the lie and not only that, I will follow all steemians who guessed right and give them at least 3 full votes in the next month. Currently 0.5$ votes but soon to be orca votes, working on it… :-)

You have 25% chance to win this reward!

Extra superbonus: Every fact is again existing of 3 sub-facts. From the 3 subfacts of the lie fact, only 1 subfact is the actual lie. If you also guess that one, you will get 3x3 full votes!

Good luck everybody

Fact 1 – Crazy Travels

  1. I flew to South-Africa, bought a 4 wheel drive and did more than 10 000 km safari with a friend in 6 countries
  2. I flew to Mexico City (Central America) with a return ticket from Chili (South-America). However, I got robbed more than 10 times in Mexico City, survived without a single dime in Honduras for 6 months and flew back from there.
  3. I drove to India 15 years ago with a 1964 old Mercedes truck and I never drove back, I am still in India

Fact 2 - Mainstream diploma's

  1. I have a university degree in computer science
  2. I have a university degree in psychology
  3. I have a university degree in economics

Fact 3 - Substream diploma's

  1. I have a diploma “Joint Release” (balance-oriented body work)
  2. I have a diploma “Hanna Somatics Educator” (clinical body work).
  3. I have a diploma “PADI Dive Master”, qualified to guide diving tours all over the world

Fact 4 – Music

  1. I play guitar
  2. I play banjo
  3. I play harmonium

So there is only 1 actual lie in the whole post, which one is it?

Examples of vote:

  • I think your lie is Mainstream (category vote => 25% chance => reward)
  • I think your lie is Music as you don’t play harmonium (category vote like above + extra subcategory vote, 8% chance => bigger reward)

Hope to see you at SteemFest!


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So there is only 1 actual lie in the whole post, which one is it?

this one:
"super-sympathetic dev guys like @gtg"


Are you not a dev then? :-)

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Wrong answer, the lie was "i was lucky in the poker tournament"

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I love this post :D :D :D
You are NOT in India ! I think I saw a post of Rosa where shed said you where in Europe.... But was it 2 months ago... ? And you may be in India again on your way to SF4... ? OMG @bubke ! that's hard :D

Wrong, wrong, i am in India :-) The lie was the psychology diploma, see you sooooon

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Lol! That’s too easy!!!
As for steem fest.. ill be in london until. November 1st.... once i get my visa , or not, ill make my plans!

Ive a feelin u will enjoy it enough for the both of us!

Nah, i really want you there, you can fly London-Bangkok direct, supercheap! You have some big projects in te pipeline, this is the place to get support, see what's coming, realise those dreams man!

Will have to sell some shit coins then! Its true though i should talk with some steem dev geniuses about my grand plans...
ok if i dont get my visa i come to Bangkok instead.. maybe I’ll start a cattam table ;)

London to Bangkok is around 300 Euro, if you're willing to fly crappy Chinese airlines...
You HAVE to be there @eco-alex, even if it's only to keep @bubke from winning the poker tournament again...

London to Bangkok is around 300 Euro, if you're willing to fly crappy Chinese airlines...
You HAVE to be there @eco-alex, even if it's only to keep @bubke from winning the poker tournament again...

listen dear, he will never stop me from winning the poker tournament, let that be clear :-)

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You're making me scared to join playing now....Or: nah, not scared ;)

Hey @bubke, I'm not going to Steemfest, but I'm always happy to take up a guessing challenge.

It's not easy, as all the facts you presented is very likely. Being well traveled, well educated, and well versed in music are all things I can easily imagine about you. But there is one thing sticking out I just refuse to believe:
You were not robbed ten times in Mexico City! So fact 1.2 is my guess.
Unless you're the kind of dude who likes pissing people off for the hell of it... but even then, I would assume you would have learned your lesson. Okay, please accept my apologies in case I'm wrong, because that would be truly horrible!

Thanx for the challenge, and enjoy steemfest! You got a beer coming your way in any case.

ok so the lie was that i don't have a diploma in psychology. However, i made a typo, i was robbed more than 10 times in Mexico, only 6-7 times in Mexico city so you were kind of right and qualify for upvote trophy :-)

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Oh sweet! :-) Thank you!
But I'm also sorry, man. Getting robbed 6-7 times is just horrible!

Ha, would love to speak on this but i have to wait, thanks for playing!!!

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Hmmnnn, great game guessing the lie amoungst all these amazing facts.

I'm going to go for:

Fact 2 - Mainstream diploma's
I have a university degree in psychology... is the lie.

That's a complete shot in the dark guess. Have fun in Bangkok bubke 🙂

I can't make SF this year 😕, there's always next year.

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Amazing but you guessed it, congratulations 😃

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  ·  9 months ago (edited)

Ha ha, can't believe I guessed right 👍😁

I better write a post as I've not posted in a few days. Actually, I've got a decent poem I wrote a few days ago for the Ecotrain question of the week... then life got in the way, and I didn't have time to edit the poem or write some accompanying text with my thoughts on the theme of 'trust' to post.

Gonna get that post out today, this has got me back in the steem writing mood, cheers @bubke

Nice one Bub !! I am going for the dive instructor answer and you can confirm it to me in person in three weeks :D

Finally, somebody who makes a guess, thank you so much, what an engagement here lately, phew...

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Looking forward to see updates from you from the SteemFest event.
Sadly, my work will not allow me to be there.

I'll join the @ecotrain once I have my own piece of land :)

Cheers to you,

I'm going to be guessing here...and it's really a guess, because you didn't make it easy. I think 1.3 is the lie. You're not in India :)

Haha, thank you for playing, i made you very active suddenly :-)

Yeah, you reminded me that I hadn't guessed yet ;)

I think your lie 🤥 is in Crazy travels. You're not in India 🇮🇳 😝

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Thanks for playing :-) Will let you know soon!

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Can't wait ✌

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I am in India, i don't have a psychology diploma. And you, i remember reading you are from Jamaica, is that true?

Posted using Partiko Android

Jamaica 🇯🇲? 😮 No that's not true bro.. I'm not from there @bubke. I don't think I wrote that anywhere..

Posted using Partiko Android

And ouch!!! Nobody could have ever guessed where the lie was. Diploma in Psychology 😂😂😂

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Good day @bubke, I think your lie is Crazy Travels, the second sub title.There's no way you were robbed 10 times in Mexico City. If in fact, that's a fact, well blow me down.
Enjoy steemfest, sounds like a great experience.

Sometimes the lie is the most obvious off course but not guaranteed. Thank you so much for playing, i will announce the lie in 4-5 days, hug

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It's funny, after I entered my guess, I kept thinking about it. I read your blog again and think my guess is wrong. After closer inspection, I think my second guess would be the correct one. So I can't wait to see the answer.
Great idea having this little guessing game.
Peace my friend...looking forward to hearing from you.

ok so the lie was that i don't have a diploma in psychology. However, i made a typo, i was robbed more than 10 times in Mexico, only 6-7 times in Mexico city so you were kind of right and get all the honours, trophy's, upvotes etc. Much love!

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Oh man, I had a feeling it was one of those dang diplomas after I guessed the robberies. Hahaha, regardless, it was fun to participate.
Hugs right back at you. Hope have a wonderful experience at Steemfest.

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omg, 20 posts in 30 months, is this true? Shame on me :-)

Even I´m better than that,
and in the beginning I had no intention to post at all! 😘

off course, there is also the quality and quantity story 🤪

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i vote for arcange, same same or is steemitboard different witness? In that case, why run 2 witnesses? :-) Anyway, i need to make slot free too for another vote, partiko and utopian-io, are they still active? Cheers, tkx, see you at steemfest?

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partiko has not upgraded its witness node since v20.7 and is now deactivated too (

See you in BKK @bubke

ok, done on 2 accounts, see you in BKK indded 🤩

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Cool! Thank you so much. Only a few days left before BKK 😀

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