My Back From SteemFest 4 Post: SF 2050 To Tha Moon! 🌕

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And I didn't lose not one organ! Kudos to my liver for the hard work!


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Who was I before attending SteemFest?

      You may know me as the founder and brains behind the grassroots flag outfit known as @steemflagrewards. Throughout the years, I have demonstrated an almost obsessive interest in thwarting schemes intended exploit our shared reward pool using the capabilities at our disposal and quickly understood the value of teamwork / coordination in those efforts.

      To some I am a leader and to others a pariah. My running meme for the generally negative connotations folks have towards downvoting is "Flag Man Bad". That dichotomy comes with the territory but think we have come a long way to overcome the stigma. There is a lot of gray area and a lot of judgment calls that must be made on the fly. Few things are as simple as they appear on the surface.

      Few of us in the flag squad acknowledged going to SteemFest would be a great opportunity to be the ambassador of the SFR community, build rapport with other communities as well as strengthen existing bonds. I dare say that this mission was overwhelming success and I am now more bullish on the value of our unique and diverse blockchain community whereas formerly my confidence had been waning.

      Had a few heartfelt conversations with folks who expressed appreciation for our work and the adversity that comes with it. I cannot overemphasize just how much it means when somebody actually expresses that sentiment. A little "Atta boy" goes a long way.

What are the positive aspects of the SF?

What did you like?

      Food, food, food and more FOOD! If there was any but of Thai language that I have committed firmly to memory it is the word for spicy which is 'pet'. If you're like me and enjoy extra extra spicy, then you just say it again ('Pet Pet') and they will hook ya up with some 🔥.

I really appreciated the spicy condiments included in the SteemFest catering but my favorite meal I enjoyed at the bustling Chatuchak weekend market that a Thai local had recommended.



The Nightlife!

      The Steemy Night at the river was probably the most fun I have had in years. Being a "2nd Award" father, the opportunities to get out and let loose are becoming few and far between. One of my favorite things to do is to dance and I quickly learned that I was in good company.

Not to boast but I tend to be the party starter type. If I see an empty dance floor, I will work to change that even if that means that get out there all by my lonesome. Here is rare footage taken of me at my last corporate Christmas party.

If having fun was crime, would there be enough evidence to convict YOU?

I plead guilty, your Honor!Lock us up in FUNKYTOWN

And throw away the key! 🔑🗑️

     Just realized in my haste to get this article out there. I had forgot to include the narrative for the actual nightlife out in town, namely the Khao San strip.

     Experienced a lot of new things to include eating a fried scorpion w @goblinknackers as witness to receiving an overly aggressive sales pitch for an escort service from a Tuk Tuk driver. It was an interesting night to say the least so works out to be its own post which will be linked here.

What didn't you like?

      The main thing that I had been involved with that I felt had room for improvement related to the round-table sessions. Unfortunately, I had not been notified that my requested round tables were approved and slated. Considering just how much Roeland had on his plate it is completely understandable. It didn't occur to me to try and contact him as I figured I just ended up in the reject bin. Wouldn't be the first time and I've learned to take those sort of things in stride.

      I would have loved to have had brought my quality microphone so that the audio quality would have been better. I am still working on salvaging what I can from the proof-of-brain roundtable but much of it is indiscernible spare each participants description of what Proof-Of-Brain means to them.

      The discussions on the other hand are drowned out by the amount of noise. My recommendation would be to provide a bit of separation from each roundtable so the "crosstalk" or background noise is minimal.

There was an attempt to use a Tea Kettle as an acoustic amplification device. Pic compliments of @slobberchops

Here's a sneak peek of the intro for the session I will continue working on as time and life permits.

proof of brain roundtable_preview.gif

How is this all affecting your perspective of Steem in general?

I'm Uber Bullish. Considering selling my second kidney so I can stake up! I mean do I really need two of them?

     On a serious note, I'm really impressed with the experience I had at Steemfest. Meeting the people behind the avatars and text was an awesome experience. People that I may have considered acquaintances before i would venture to call friend. The people were mighty friendly, like Texas friendly (Did you know Texas is based on the native word Tejas which means friend?), and I felt a sense of belonging.

How do you see Steem Fest unfolding in 2020 after everything you saw happening during these days?

I'm not sure about 2020 but I would be interested in a Steemfest in Hawaii. I'm thinking further down the road. Not sure when this would be a possibility but maybe by 2050 it will be possible and the human race would have established a colony on... YOU GUESSED IT!



I don't really know how to moonwalk but better believe I will learn it for Steemfest 2050!
I mean it's perfectly rational to have moon-walking on the literal moon as an item on your bucket list, right?

Obligatory Hee-Hee!

Hopefully, my post isn't too late but hope yall fine folks enjoy. I appreciate the opportunity to get to know a good lot of yall and look forward to get to know those I did not. See you on the Moon! 🌕

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And cue the SFR project ad. Thanks for checking out my post!



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I am glad you had a good time even though I wasn't able to stay at the round table for too long.
I personally feel that there has to be a collaboration between community leaders who are building newbies with you in a way that there is no unnecessary flagging.

I have personally heard from SCT and ZZAN (with our poor translator trying to bridge the gap of communication) that I know that there are still a lot of people having a misconception of content production for profit.

It could have started with desperation; but then greed can sip in fairly easily when things starts getting better.

That being said, do spread the "Yam Seng" in the light of prophetically declaring the best for STEEM with your friends 😜

Cheers to perseverance, forward, and strength to the community.

If I see an empty dance floor, I will work to change that even if that means that get out there all by my lonesome.

Haha, I did the same in SF3 during the night of Steem. I mean, an empty dance floor is such a sad view!
Saw how fun you were having, you were killing it on the dance floor!
Cheers for a good upcoming 2020!

Thanks, brotha!

I bet! Sometimes you gotta give people a little nudge so they will come out of their comfort zone to turn a good time into a great time.

Cuz I know for sure didn't intend to come halfway around the world to have an okayish time. I was gonna get my fun ROI if you will.

Thanks! I can be hit of miss depending on how much juice I have left in the tank. It's not like the ol' days. One of my buddies would joke that I was like Robin Hood on the dancefloor whatever that means. lol

Absolutely. Birdie told me it may be a little closer to me so hoping I can get the family in on it. May take a bit of sweet talking. Wish my luck!

Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. Appreciate it! Hope the dried fruit biz is booming!

I'm so glad you were able to go and meet all those cool people. Just disappointed I wasn't there to buy you a beer. We do have a great community who can achieve a lot. The support we have had recently in fighting abuse has been inspiring. See you on the Moon!

Yeah, was kind of bummed you couldn't make it but looking forward to the next opportunity.

Also, yes, have noticed the support. Maybe the MSP ad helped? Who knows

Hey I'm also finally back from Thailand and it was great to meet you!

Here's looking forwards to a positive 2020 for steem and beyond!

I just learned something new. I had NO idea you were Mr. Steemflagrewards! Anyway, it was great to meet you, even short. I have some video with you grooving on the dance floor. I've got quite some editing to do, but it will be posted soon.

Yeah, it's my not-so-secret identity but probably should drop it on my profile so there's no ambiguity.

I know it may annoy some of my colleagues but it's kind of funny when the scammers start throwing out crazy conspiracy theories about who runs SFR. I've heard everything from Bernie to Marky to my pal Leonis to the Steemit Cabal. Guess we gotta give them an 'A' for creativity. lol

OH boy, a video of me groovin'. Hope you caught my good side. Did you check out Khao San as well? I was out of control. Think I was dancing on a table at some point. That liquid courage. It'll get ya! 😉

Bernie...yes, I've heard that too. Or maybe YOU are Bernie...🤔 LOL.
The Steemit Cabal 😂🤣that's funny.

Yes, of course I caught your good side, but by that time I was pretty hammered too so the video quality might be a bit bad lol.

Yup, I was at Khao San too... However, I missed you eating the Howo on video though, eating a scorpion...I think you can hear me gag in the background hehe.

Yeah, that liquid courage, I know everything about that. Luckily it only brought me good things and didn't get me into any kind of trouble...

Its funny ive been on steem for over 2 years snd i still find new whales thst ive never seen before

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Angry video game nerd? Is that you?

My favorite one he did is probably the TMNT nes game. There was a part where he was in a room trying to get a nearly impossible to reach pizza.

So, he was fumbling around, eventually got frustrated and shouted out:

Pizza? Pizza Shit!!

Of all the puns I have heard in my life. That's gotta be in the top 5 at least

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