Road of Rich - More Equipment

in roadofrich •  9 months ago 

Last night I visited my home town to sell some of the goodies, and to build more equipment.

Everything started with a visit on the hospital, to heal all the wounds:

By the way, does anyone know how the HP / MP / SP recovery is working? The mercenaries have a stat indicating the recovery capacity, but as long as I see it, nothing works (I kept the mercenaries idle, I accommodate them in my house). The only ways I found for recovery is either to pay in the hospital, or to reach a new level.

Moving back to equipment, I built another six iron swords, and I now all my mercenaries got rid of their wood shit:

Now it's time for more work.

See you tomorrow!

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Salut! Incerc sa gasesc si eu reperele in ROR, abia am inceput. Cum iti imbunatatesti echipamentul? Si vad meniul de sus la ultima imagine: production, enhancement, accommodation, storage. Unde e asta? Cumva la casa ta (eu nu am inca de aia intreb)?

Da, este unul din meniurile din casa. Pentru inceput cel mai bine se castiga pe ferma de viermi de matase, de langa Yeongwol. Asa am facut eu banii pentru casa...

Ok, mersi, ma gandeam eu ca acolo trebuie sa fie.

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