Rising Star Game: I bought a 12 card pack set!!!!

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As you know, we can buy on Rising Star 3 card packs with STARBITS, HIVE or Paypal, in addition to the marketplace where you can buy cards from other users. Those are the prices:


Also, there is an offer of 12 packs for 100k STARBITS and that is what I bought today, although I have got some repeated ones, I got 3 EPICS!! two of them in the same pack, and Toadie, a card that adds 200 Skill with no fans, this is very good for the "Ego" meter.

So here is the full set, have a great week!!!!






Congratulations on your purchase! I have been paying the game for months and I have been very satisfied with my earnings.

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Cool!! very glad read this! 😜