Rising Star Game: Crafting Guitar Body 1 [🇬🇧EN/ES 🇪🇸]

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Hola a todos

ha costado un poco pero finalmente tengo un Guitar Body 1, la guitarra con forma de flecha, mítica herramienta del Heavy Metal de los 80. El asunto es que aún no he construido ningún modelo ya que las "pastillas" (pickups) de oro que tenia las use en eun modelo Guitar Body 2 y claro, ahora es doloroso usar las negras o cromadas para este pedazo de guitarra. Ahora bien esperar a sacr otra pieza de oro puede llevar bastante tiempo. Estos son los modelos que puedo tener ya, con las piezas que tengo


¿Qué harías tú?

Por cierto, en un post anterior ya os enseñe las cartas "crafted" que habia conseguido hasta ahora, puedes verolo aqui: https://peakd.com/risingstar/@nupulse/instrumentos-crafted-conseguidos-hasta-ahora-crafted-instruments-obtained-so-far-es-en


Hello everyone

It cost a bit but finally I have a Guitar Body 1, the arrow-shaped guitar, a mythical tool of 80's Heavy Metal. The point is that I have not yet built any model since the gold "pickups" that I had, I used them on a Guitar Body 2 model and of course, now it's painful to use the black or chrome ones for this piece of guitar. Now waiting for another piece of gold can take a long time. These are the models that I can already have, with the parts that I have


What would you do?

By the way, in a previous post I already showed you the "crafted" cards that I had gotten so far, you can see it here: https://peakd.com/risingstar/@nupulse/instrumentos-crafted-conseguidos-hasta-ahora-crafted-instruments-obtained-so-far-es-en





Wait for gold :)

@tipu curate

Yes, sure I will, it was very hard to found it!!


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Those are nice, but I would hold out for more gold parts as well! Patience and you will reap the rewards!

Yes, this is what I want but my finger wants to make click 😂