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RE: I've Reached the Top (at Least at Home)

in #risingstar5 months ago

Nice new cards. You are moving fast and smart! Very impressed. I actually have a didgeridoo!! At home and in real life!! Lol it came with my husband and I can't play it to save my life. I maintain my lips are too thin. Lol his not too bad at it though!


No kidding!!!! I doubt I will ever own one (don't think I could convince my wife of it's necessity), but I can always hope. She does like the sound some of the other instruments I have though, so maybe.

Maybe it's a husband thing. You know coming home with random instruments. Mine can't play a note but he comes home with all sorts of things. From guitars to indian flutes! 🤣

I can play (or at least play around with) all of my different instruments. Some sound better than others, but they are not just for show.

Good on you. I guess mine. Is one sort of collectiion. Or he likes the idea of learning to play without putting in the work!