RS Giveaway #7. Winners Announcement and Last Round

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Good day, Rising Star family!


Round 6 of my giveaway in Rising star game is over. I supposed to do it yesterday but it was a super busy day and I was too tired. So I am really sorry about that.

This time there were just 2 participants, so I decided to nominate both of them!

@harpreetjanda and @mimismartypants

Thank you for participating. I really appreciate your time.

CONGRATULATIONS!!! I will transfer your prize via Hive-Engine!

It is Round 7 and the last round in this season. Unfortunately, my new projects take a lot of time, and it affects my projects here. I don't want to keep running that giveaway just to do it. I want to do it with pleasure. I really feel sorry to participants when I have delays in my giveaway.

So, I decided to stop my giveaway for a while. I will definitely come back later, when I will have more time. And definitely, I will update my giveaway and make it better.

So, it is Round 7 (that is my fav number) and the rules are the same...


  1. Join Rising Star Game, if you didn't do it yet

  2. Tell me what new would you like to see in Rising Star Game

  3. Tag one of your friends!

Follow me on Instagram, YouTube or Twitter. It is not required but appreciated


  • A Week from this giveaway's post. Just before I receive the Payout.


Round 3 Prize!


Upvote and repost are not obligatory but highly appreciated!

Follow my events and giveaways by hashtag #irisevent!

Good luck! Have a nice day! And Happy Valentine Day!

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  1. I have been playing Rising Star for several weeks.
  2. I am an A/V Technician and work with live shows (some musical) and I would like to see a tech crew added to your band (sound man, lighting guy, stage manager, etc.) along with equipment suited to their trade (sound boards, laser lights, cables, etc.).
  3. Tagging @pixiepost

@moonthumb, wow! That is super awesome! Thanks for participating!

Whoop Whoop! winner winner chicken dinner! Thanks for picking me!

A pity about your giveaways, but you got to prioritise what's important!


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