Rising Star. Day 97. Storing the cards

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Wednesday. Day 97 with Rising Star game

Good day, Rising Star fans!


3 months ago when I just started to play that game I couldn't even imagine that I will store the cards. Furthermore, I didn't even imagine that I will have not enough storage to store the cards...

Why do I store the cards? Because now I have pretty many cards and most of them have fans bonus. And these cards make my ego higher. Before... about a month ago.... I stored just some vehicles because they have higher fans bonus. But today I decided to store more cards. But storage is not limitless... And I am thinking maybe I should buy an extra storage...

My ego was around 10% before. So I was super fine with that, but these days I am trying to play mostly the missions instead of music lessons, so my skills stay the same, but my fans number and ego are going up.

I was planning to avoid music lessons until I play 2k missions in total. And Now I have just 1700 played missions and my ego is already higher than 20%.

So I decided that i should play at least 1-2 music lessons every day...

Good luck! Have a nice day!

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