Rising Star. Day 4: New achievements and thoughts

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Good day everyone!


It is a Saturday, my first saturday with Rising Star.
Today I want to share with you my new achievements and some thoughts like It will be nice, if...


I reached Level 9! And I completed my second withdrawal of 1,000 STARBITS to Hive-Engine!



Yesterday I received my first free pack, and got 3 cards, one of which is rare. So now I have some extras to my missions.


My goal now is 500 completed missions. Let's see how long it will take.

My thoughts

While playing the game, I paid attention on a couple of things:

  1. Sometimes it is hard to log in to the game. I don't know why. I don't have problems with internet, and my laptop is not slow. But sometimes I need to refresh the page several times, enter my ID several times, and just click on Login button. That part is a little bit annoying

  2. It would be nice to see your progress in % or how many XP left till the next level. Yeah, you can approximately learn your progress through the level bar, but still...


Enjoy the gameplay and Have a nice weekend!

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Thank you for the feedback. These are known bugs which you can see in the #known-bugs channel in our Discord server.

We are working our way through and fixing some of these things ready to move to beta.

This post gives you one entry into next week’s prize draw to win a 3 card Rising Star booster pack.
Post once a day and add the link to the #hive channel in our Discord to get more entries.

The prize draw takes place during our weekly live stream on Sundays.


Thank you! I enjoy that game and happy, that I found it ❤️

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