Rising Star. Day 150. + One More Achievement!

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Good day, Rising Star family!

Tuesday, Day 150 with Rising Star Game.

That is amazing! I can't believe! But I really did it! I played 2,500+ missions in total and it means I reached another goal!

It wasn't easy at all! Especially, when you have a lack of energy. And I had to choose between Starbits and Number of Missions. You know that as more missions you play as higher ego, and as less starbits you earn.


Now I have another goal! Of course, I want to go to 3,000 total played gigs! But also I target the Illegal Busking category! I want to make it 2,000 in total! I miss 164 gigs now and it is super hard to finish that category. At least because after 5-6 played Illegal Busking in a row per each next mission you get around 6-7 ego points! And that is a lot! And you get super small amount of starbits! And that disturbs my another goal...To buy 12 card packs xD


Anyways I am happy now and hoping to get more pizzas xD

Do you know that I host a Rising Star giveaway?


Good luck! Have a nice day!

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We have to start baking our own pizza it seems! congrats dude! 2500 missions are amazing! Next stop 3k! whoop whoop! I find it best to do a different type of missions to help balance ego and also get better starbits rewards. might use more energy, but its a slow process either way!

Thank you! I am super happy now! Now my main goal is 100,000 Starbits xD Wanna buy a bundle of card packs :)
And, yeah I agree. I am also trying to play different missions. But first I am trying to full my pizza box by playing short missions :)

That's actually good strat!but my pizza boxes are pretty lonely. I'm trying to get to starbits millionare but seems impossible!

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