Rising Star. Day 148. Fingers Crossed

in #risingstar2 months ago

Good day, Rising Star family!

Sunday, Day 148 with Rising Star Game.

I guess I have never played so many gigs as I played since yesterday! I am getting closer to the goal, and I want to finish it asap. And as less missions are left there as less patience I have haha.


I need to play 50 more gigs. And each time I click on the START button I hope to get a pizza! Seriously, lack of energy is the biggest problem! I guess I will be banned soon because I click on the different tabs almost every minute. And I don't even know why I am doing it. Pizza wasn't hidden somewhere there.

Probably I won't be able to finish that achievement today, but I hope that I will be able to play at least 10 more missions. And I hope I will get a lot of pizza!
Do you have any strategy in the game?

Do you know that I host a Rising Star giveaway?


Good luck! Have a nice day!

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