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Good day, Rising Star family!


Monday, Day 191 with Rising Star Game.

Okay, it is March 1st, the first day of spring and it is a new week!

Also, I am exploring a new area, a Country Tour!

There 2 things that I learned about Country Tour: it requires time and money! Some of the gigs in Country tour requires cans of petrol. So you need at least 25 cans to finish that area. Each can costs 5k Starbits. Fortunately, I already had 2 cans, so I need to buy 23 more...

The last gig Manager Interview requires at least level 200. So it is necessary to focus on EXP.

My main goal is clear - go forward and move to the next area. But as always I have subgoals too. And here are them:

  • Buy another bunch of 12 card packs
  • Play 4,000 missions in total (cur. 3189)
  • Play 3,000 Illegal busking missions in total (cur.2115)
  • Play 100 Radio Interview in total (cur.86)
  • Play 25 Full Band Support in total (cur.5)

These goals will help me to reach the main goal faster. So I plan to keep playing short missions.

Do you know that I host a Rising Star giveaway?


Good luck! Have a nice day!

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Man, it just gets harder and harder! do you find cans of petro like pizza slices or do you have to buy them?

I found a couple of cans before but no more... I didn't get free cards for a long time :(

So I am buying all these cans now :(

That is a schlep. But you gotta do what you gotta do I guess!! Will be in the same boat when I get there!

I am just buying these cans now :) And exploring new missions :)

Yeah - I am still stacking my starbits for the millionaire. I really want to buy cards lol. I'm just about halfway there!

wow! I don't have so much patience...! But maybe I should try to do it too....Or just buy 1 mln of starbits xD

lol I'm buying what I can with the liquid I have. but its a process each day. hoping to get there by the end of the month! Then I can buy cards!!!!


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Very good, share your experience in the new missions. I am far from that, but I already know what I will find when my level is the same. Thank you and success.

@carlosro, Yeah I will share more details. I am so excited about exploring a new area. Hope you will reach it too soon