Look at me! Look at me!

in #riseuplast year

I got a 'big' vote, and I likes to swing it around.
Somewhere I got the idea that having money/power let me do whatever the hell I pleased, that is what all the sycophants told me, anyways.

I got these new clothes now, but they kinda chafe at the crotch, I think they made it too large in some places and too little in others.
I'll make some random slave pay for that.


Did you think it was ok to bully people that you perceived to be weaker than you?

Well, let me tell you, columbo, those people that fear you are much stronger than you, that is why you try to use their fears to push them to their edge, but not beyond it.
You know if they came out swinging there would be nothing you could do.
All your gold leafed walls won't protect you.

It's perfectly acceptable, what you do, in most pos systems.
You seem well adjusted to operating in this environment.
I will just leave you to it.

But, before you go, I think you dropped this: