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It's been 12 days since I've pushed the Redeem-Rewards button.

In that time I've been able to acquire an entire minnow's worth of stake.

I find that pretty impressive.

Especially considering that doesn't count my Steemleo rewards (1200+).

This claim will increase my total stake by more than 2%.

Considering how much money I've dumped into this blockchain,
this is a pretty significant achievement.

SBD steem.png

Shout-out to all my supporters.

Some would point out that this is only like $70. Big whoop amirite? However, you can't price crypto into USD unless that's exactly what you do with it: cash out. Looking at those 500 coins in relation to all minted coins in existence, we see that only 700,000 people in the world could be minnows, given a fully even distribution. As we all know, wealth and power are always quire far away from being evenly distributed. Extrapolate that information however you like.

Being active in the community during the rough times pays off big during the FOMO mania. It was much easier to get noticed and supported the farther Steem crashed.

Interestingly enough, over the past year my USD earnings have largely stayed the same while the value of Steem/USD has crashed by a factor of 6. This implies over the last year I've been able to increase my support levels by a factor of six to make up for that loss in network value.

So what happens when the value of Steem goes back up?

Even a valuation of $1 per coin would make me question whether I should quit my day job and go full Steem ahead. At that point I would consider blogging as my safety net. The real money comes from creating scripts and dapps using Javascript and the Steem API.

steam power engine train.jpg

What will I do with my earnings?

Cashing out certainly isn't a valid option for me personally ATM. Now is the absolute worst time to make a play like that. I can wait.

I imagine it will be at least one or two years before I feel comfortable letting some of these coins go. Until then it will all get powered up or used to add liquidity to the SteemLeo market.


Yeah, people are still pretty salty about where the network has landed. Unfortunately those same people are going to be even more salty when the platform takes off and they didn't capitalize on this amazing opportunity.


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Nice haul on the redeem rewards button! Right on man. Definately dreaming big over here. Glad to hear you are too! Looking forward to celebrating those bulls running wild with those of us brave enough to plod out the doldrums of the bear market. Steem on! And, stack 'em up!! ✔⬆️❤

That's a pretty big rewards pull, nice one! Think if I did the same, I might be around 100SP but posting everyday isn't something I can realistically do...so instead, I bought another 860 STEEM last night and with dlease being helpful with 5 steem per day coming in, there's been a nice steady flow.

Dolphin Mark II could be on the cards by the end of the year still, 16,500 ish now

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why not just use steem auto to auto redeem and then you never have to worry about doing it yourself? is it better to let it add up 1st? I am confused please tell me so I can do better

I was just letting my rewards stack up on purpose.
It is by no means a financially smart strategy.

Claiming rewards is an important part of the UX.
Keeps those dopamine hits coming.
This is likely why claiming rewards isn't automatic in the first place.

ok good. I like the feeling when I get good rewards and claim them, thanks

These are the days, to stack steem.
When the price goes back up we will wish we could get this much steem on a post.

I agree now is the time to build your presence and account. While the price of Steem is low many think it is not worth the time and effort to post regularly. I have found that during this time the communities has made a real difference. There are people that I interact with regularly and will continue to when Steem starts raising.

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It is a good time to accumulate the most tokens possible when the market is not in your favor.