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Repository is a feature-rich automatic voting tool. It can be used to create voting rules at, using several parameters. It is possible to automatically optimize vote delay times in order to increase curation rewards.

Posting authority needs to be given to the @rewarding account. I created a discord server for all topics regarding discord invitation.

steemrewarding is currently used by 686 (+43 %) users which created 4481 (+9.1 %) rules for posts, 341 ( + 23.5%) rules for comments and 550 (+ 63%) trail vote rules. In the last 7 days, 20917 (-37%) time based votes and 17890 (+368% )vp based votes were broadcasted through steemrewarding. The percentage number are the change from the last report.

Vote delay optimizations

The vote delay could be improved by reducing the number of steem api calls. Vote power, Steem power and RC are now stored in the database to reduce the number necessary api calls. These values are updated every minute.

It is checked if a voter has sufficient RC before casting the vote. This reduces the vote delay for other users, when a user tries to broadcast many votes but has not the RC to do it.

Vote power check in the vote loop for vote based votes

The vote power is now checked before broadcasting a vote in the vote loop. Before it could happen when the vote loop was delayed, that to many pending votes were added and then broadcasted. Resulting in a vote power which would then be below the specified minimum vote power. This should be fixed now.

Did you know that you can add a single vote to steemrewarding without creating any rule?

Go to
and fill the following form:

authorperm is the link to the post, e.g. @holger80/update-for-distribubot-it-is-possible-to-count-only-staked-tokens-now, consisting of author name and permlink.

When you enter a higher min_vp value, the vote will be casted when your vote power is restored.

Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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Can you enlighten me slightly. I want to use this if its an auto vote curator only it asks for my password. Which password and can it be trusted? thanks

You need to give the rewarding account posting authority (so that it can vote), this requires once your active key.

Iv literally no idea how to do this. Could you break it down for a dummy to understand? just simply break down the procedure. thanks alot. Im mainly worried about entering my password on steemconnect.

You can use keychain to do this. I have a simple webpage which doesn’t prompt for keys. Go to then go to account authority, add jphamer1 -> rewarding -> posting -> 1. Click send and the keychain extension will prompt for authorisation. If you found this helpful, please consider casting one of your witness votes to @untersatz. Cheers!

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iv sorted it thanks guys.

You can use your active key. It doesn’t store your active key, but rather sends you to Steemconnect to give posting authority to the @rewarding account.

I'm oh so looking forward to having a UI for your system over on SteemPeak! Thanks for continuing to develop the tool set.

Hey @holger80,

seems to be a cool tool and this at the right moment to adjust all the voting for the upcoming HF.

Will give it a try.

Thanks and a !BEER

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will the automatic vote need adjustment to follow the coming HF21?

Curious to see the new curation effectiveness values after HF21

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Has the automatic voting time been adjusted with a view HF21 coming up or is there no need for that?

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Great tool, using it. Can you add tag trail? That would be very helpful for all tribes. My other idea is combined tags rule, eg. vote only when post has tagA+tagB

looks like ill have to give this one a shot once HF21 settles in, very cool!

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