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Repository is a feature-rich automatic voting tool. It can be used to create voting rules at, using several parameters. It is possible to automatically optimize vote delay times in order to increase curation rewards.

Posting authority needs to be given to the @rewarding account. I created a discord server for all topics regarding discord invitation

steemrewarding is currently used by 710 (3.5 %) users which created 4601 (2.7 %) rules for posts,
352 ( 3.2 %) rules for comments and 606 (10.2 %) trail vote rules. In the last 7 days, 80043 (282.7 %) time based votes
and 17045 (-4.7 %) vp based votes were broadcasted through steemrewarding.

downvote trail

New downvote trail rules can be created at

This allows it to follow downvotes from trusted accounts and broadcast a downvote shortly after when the account downvote power is above the defined threshold.

The parameter are similar to a vote trail rule, but it is assured that the vote weight is always negative (downvote) and the downvote power will be monitored instead of the votepower.

The downvote power is used for these parameters:

In the example, the min_vp is set to 50, means that a downvote is only followed when the downvote power is above 50 %. When vote_when_vp_reached is enabled, the downvote will be pending and broadcasted when the given min. downvote power is reached by the voter account.

New downvote API functions


Can be used to create a new trail vote rule. A voter_to_follow parameter must be given.


Deletes a trail downvote rule. A voter_to_follow parameter must be given.


Edits an existing trail downvote rule. A voter_to_follow parameter must be given. Only variable names shown at /api/trail_downvote_rules are accepted. The parameter of a vote rule are changed when attached to the api.


Shows all trail downvote rules.

Broadcasting up to 6 votes in one block

This was necessary in order to reduce the vote delay.

You can see how the vote is bundled:

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Everything is okay! 👌

Dear @holger80,
you received an automatic upvote, because I believe in you and I love what you create! 😉

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I have a problem with significant vote delays on steemrewarding, my autovotes set to 4.4 minutes are executed anywhere in between 5 min 20 sec and 8 minutes 20 sec instead

Does that fancy tool can work "headless"? Defining rules from console, etc?

It is on my todo list to improve this. At the moment, only the steemconnect auth token is used to identify a user. I'm planing to implement a encryption of a string using the posting key as second way to identify a user.

You can read more about the API here:

My ideal voting tool will be mix of something like steemrewarding and Ability to make complex rules, text file config with rules, self hosted, web ui optional.

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Thanks for this great information... Hopefully it will help everyone.

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Gracias @holger80 gran trabajo y excelentes manera de administrar el voto negativo

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@holger80 I love what you have created. I wouldn't know how we call all be on Steem without it! Question: is there an api where we can interact with the settings on You have my witness vote :) (BTW I run witness @untersatz!).

This will be a big help. Thanks!

If we have upvotes set to automativally adjust do you recommend making any changes to the timings post HF21?

Hi Gillian

Optimal voting time is now 5 mins rather than 15... but just like before it can be more profitable to front run by a minute or two dependent on the author and how many people are trailing them 🙂

I think I'm right on this, Hope this helps 👍

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Thanks @raj808 but I was referring specifically to steemrewarding since you can set it to change the upvote time based on what it thinks works best.

I was wondering if it would just adjust itself in time automatically or if we should change some numbers to help it along.

I've not been able to find an answer to that.

Ha ha, well you know a lot more than me then. I'm not even sure how to use this site as I've been using steem auto. But I'm gonna look into it for maximizing curation 🙂

Hope you get your answer 👍

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automated downvoting while sleeping on ANY post any listed account makes ... sticks around after you die even or when you forgot about it. ...

i truly need to see everyone who voted FOR HF21 staked on a spikey stake by Vlad himself ... that's a sad, black page in steemits history

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Another great update , really love your updates . Thanks man

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Please make for a rule which allows me to upvote some specific persons downvotes, please! I'm wondering if this is already possible though with the vote weight scaler but I'm not positive how to do it.

Hi, @holger80!

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