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My First Reward.App Post

Tired of powering down? Do you want your rewards liquid so you can CHOOSE to power up? Tired of waiting for powerdowns? This post has @reward.app as a 100% beneficiary, meaning all upvotes (curation rewards) will be paid LIQUID instead of STAKE.

What's in it for you? When this post pays out in 7 days from now, instead of your curation reward coming as a STAKE (HIVE POWER), you will receive the reward as LIQUID HIVE.

Opportunity for All of Us

The other half will be paid in LIQUID HIVE to all the generous upvoters, giving YOU the power to decide whether to power up or cash out. It's YOUR decision!


Let Me Know What You Think.

This is new to me, so let's see how this goes.


There are few enough Liquid rewards for infrequent posters, so having a little extra does help those that are trying to save some liquid hive to use for other options, like buying tokens on Hive Engine.

I agree, having the HIVE liquid allows for other investment opportunities, with which could be used to buy HIVE again if it tanks, helping to boost the demand and value.

Yeah, I'm interested in seeing how this works!

Me too!

Good idea!

I think so!

Just FYI (didn't check if you have), but you also need to send @reward.app 0.001 hive with the memo 0-100 to determine the amount you want to give curators, else it just gives you the liquid rewards. Default curator reward is 4% but can be set to 0 to 100.

Thank you! I just sent the memo for 100. Thanks for the info, I didn't catch that!