Double Review: 'Banana Kush' Hash & 'Gorilla Glue' Hash


Just the other day I was sitting and smoking with a couple of people I knew, when someone else turned up with a lump of hash in each of his hands. These were types of hash made from two different strains: Banana Kush and Gorilla Glue.


I had heard of the strains but hadn't smoked them as flower, let alone as hash.

Over the course of discussions, it turned out that I had a couple of sweeties in my possession that he wanted (won't say what :) and offered to swap for around 7g in total of these brown beauties.

Isn't it great when money doesn't change hands for stuff like this?

So here you have it, a little bit of hashporn and a few words by way of review.


Banana Kush Hash:

The lump of Banana Kush hash that Mr. Hash had brought with him was very light to pick up and initially this raised a question mark in my head. It's character showed itself to be crumbly and the BK disintegrated into really nice fluffed-up powder with just a few gentle rubs.



This BK hash smokes with a lightness that reflects its physical feel. The throat hit is mellow and although the ascent into stonedness itself is soft, the hash delivers a powerful kick.


The effects of the body are light and uplifting - something I find unusual for hash, which often tends to go the other way for me. The head high from the BK is energising and likely good for creativity.


This is high-quality hash indeed and it is no wonder that Mr. Hash was reluctant to part with much of it. I got around 2g of this beautiful shit.

Gorilla Glue Hash:

Funnily enough, when I first examined and had a sniff of the two hash types, I had considered the Gorilla Glue hash to most likely be 'superior' to BK. I was wrong. The lightness of the Banana Kush vs the density of the Gorilla Glue hash was deceptive.


I don't mean to slate the GG hash by any means. It came all professionally wrapped and labelled - goodness knows where it was obtained. Mr. Hash does have those kinds of contacts.


The GG smoked very well with no particular throat harshness and a wide head-expansion effect as the stone came on. It is physically a lot denser than the BK and although it breaks easily, it doesn't crumble or fluff up in the same manner. Nor is the hash oily like the Himalayan hash I had a few months ago and only a small lick of flame is required to get it ready for spreading onto the tobacco.


The Gorilla Glue has has a much heavier effect on the body than the BK hash and I felt myself slumping somewhat. I got around 5g of this hash which certainly does a great job of knocking me out for a good night's sleep :).


I've enjoyed smoking both types of hash, on their own (with baccy) or mixed in with some weed. Although I like the Gorilla Glue well enough, I have to say that the Banana Kush is something else and I'd happily get some more if I could.

Thanks for reading 🔆


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