I bought a pen tablet! :)

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I had a pen tablet that lasted for a few months back in 2018. No, it wasn't damaged or what, but, I just lost the pen. xD Somebody in the house probably thought it was just some random shitty pen that doesn't even work, so probably threw it away.

It was okay though because I don't plan on focusing on digital art yet. I still prefer to focus on painting and sculpture (in the next few months) before I do video art/animation/digital paintings again.

Then Huion announced a big sale last week. Since most are 50-60% off, I decided to buy one. I will only use it for painting studies mostly, but even though that's the case, it's gonna be useful when editing photos. Soooo...


I ordered the Huion New 1060 plus. Very cheapo. But I've heard a lot of good reviews about this brand and model in particular. It arrived after a few days of ordering.


I think they released it sometime in 2016 but they still continue to update the drivers and stuff. Probably an old stock from them so they gave it for 50% off and wanted to clear it.

Anyyywaaaayyy, this is a 10 x 6.25-inch tablet. Pretty big for the cheap price to be honest! It's light and has an elegant design.


It has some express keys that you could set up with whatever keys you want. They can be undo, brush and eraser option, zoom in/zoom out, etc. They are pretty nice to press. Snappy... or crunchy... if that's the right term. :P



On the left side are the tools that you need to be able to use the tablet.


The pen.

Then the cables...


Extra nibs inside the pen holder. The ring in the middle serves as the picker for those nibs.


This pen holder is lighter than my previous one though but no problem I can just use the old one since it's weighted.

The manual that no one ever reads. :p


The pen with its cap. I'm surprised nobody mentioned it looks like a dick... Sorry...


It's also light but comfortable to use. I prefer a heavier one though. The buttons are nice to press.


This is where you plug the charger in.


Oh, the tablet has a pen holder/pocket there as well.


It has a memory card slot! :) It comes with an 8gb card. Woo! Another place to store my porn.



Upon connecting to a pc, it has a driver located in the memory card attached but I figured it's outdated so I downloaded the latest one from their website.


So, it looks like this. Pressure sensitivity is almost to the highest because my strokes are light. I'm not a hardcore type of person.


And the pressure test so you'll know if it works and so you could adjust it the way you want. :p Those are noses, by the way.

Key settings.png

And in the 'Advanced Setting' section, you can assign the keys.


I then went to Photoshop to test out different brushes. The pen is really in good quality despite the low price. The nibs are pressed easily though, but I don't mind that much. It has no tilt support. It has a bit of a delay but it still exceeded my expectations. The delay isn't uncomfortable though unless you are very particular with that.


Pressure from light to hard. I wasn't used to it yet but I'll get used to it soon lol.


I then noticed the pen's battery isn't working. It works when it's plugged but when you unplug it, it ded. I did test everything but still nothing. Like maybe 5% of people receive defective techs each day and I'm one of them T_T

I called the customer service though and they were very friendly. I'm gonna send this later for replacement. :)

Overall, the quality is great in my opinion and I didn't regret buying it. This will probably be good until I focus on digital art then I'd probably want to upgrade it. But yeah, the brand has a great reputation as what I have seen.

I'm so excited to use this after the replacement of my pen. :D

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Sweet nose drawings :p Looking forward to some digital paintings :)

Hehe glad you liked it!

Take extra care of the pen this time lol

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Hahahah T-T i knoowwwww

I'm so excited my nose grew!
Hope you enjoy your new tablet.

Lol is that like Pinocchio’s, it grows when he’s lying, but in your case it’s cos u excited
Thanks! I sure am gonna :D

Sweet. Can’t wait to see all the cool wieners you draw with it.

How did you know that’s all I’m gonna draw? :o

Looking great! I've wanted a graphics tablet for a while now but I never seem to have the vacant money. Plus I'm afraid when I get one, I play around with it a couple of days and then leave it to collect dust because I don't know what to draw or I fall into self judgement and loathing. "Why do I even try? I suck at this no matter what..."

Oh you can try this brand when you have money. :D
Thats what happens to me all the time too, like I judge it and get frustrated when I don’t get the results that I want. But changing perspective is important. I always tell myself that happiness and satisfaction in painting are so hard to find, and when i do find them, thats all that matters. I know it might be scary but it’s gonna be worth the try. :)