Well, dear reader, it looks as though you may be in luck!

in #revengelast year

I have picked up a downvoter that has friends!

I guess I will just have to post even more things that they can down vote for me!


I guess I could ridicule them by name, but they know who they are, their sock puppets keep them informed.

I don't know why somebody would think that pushing a little kid down into the mud made the big man look good, but obviously these little men think so,....


It's not my fault you ran afoul of some zealots, I follow their downvote trail to keep an eye on them.

But, now, you want to go full little man?

It's not my fault that life doesn't always go the way you want it.
Smashing the toys will not help.

Maybe you should own up to being a fringe case in an abuse averse environment.

You reacting this way in no way helps your case, in my book.
As far as I am concerned, you can go take a flying f**k at rolling donut.

I can do more harm to your psyche than you can do to my wallet.

Hide and watch what happens next!


my hero <3

Lol, give 'em hell!