DC-UK (December 2000)

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The Dreamcast was probably my favorite Sega console and the only one I owned when it was active. Like most consoles, it had magazines dedicated to it. DC-UK, as you might imagine, is a U.K. based Dreamcast magazine. The December 2000 issue includes:


  • From Geek to Chic - Ex-Edge editor Jason Brookes explores how videogames suddenly became an okay thing to do with your mates rather than a stigmatizing bedroom hobby beloved of lonely boys. From DJ culture to the cynical world of licensing, Brookes assesses the individual elements with the intellectual rigor of a rocket scientist. If you want to know why it is that you're playing games rather than, say, hanging out at that new wine bar that just opened on the high street, you must read this.


  • Quake: Arena - We bench-test the Dreamcast online happening of the year. Can it live up to the legendary PC experience?
  • Le Mans 24 Hour - The classic French race is here! And you can actually race it for 24 hours!


  • Tomb Raider 5 - Lara Croft is back in her absolutely very last (honestly) Tomb Raider adventure. So how did she get out of that tomb in the end of Last Revelation? The answer is not as simple as you think...
  • Unreal Tournament - More snippets about this main contender to Quake IV's multiplayer FPS throne.


  • Jet Set Radio - Sega's skating, spraying and running from the law sim finally reaches UK shores. So does it play as good as it looks?
  • Half-Life - The game voted "best PC game ever" by readers of PC Gamer is now on Dreamcast. Not only is it a perfect translation, it also adds a whole new mission. But just what is Blue Shift?
  • UFC - There are men in spandex out there who demand to be beaten up. Make their wishes come true in the fisticuff competition known simply as the Ultimate Fighting Championship.
  • Silent Scope - Take out scum from the rooftops in Konami's invigorating and ethically dubious sniper romp. They are terrorists so they deserve it.


  • Virtua Tennis - Are you as useless as most British people when it comes to this sport? Don't fret - unlike our real life tennis hopefuls, like that Henman fella, you can be trained in the art of the raquet.
  • Codes - Beat games the easy way - you cheating monkeys!


  • Q and A
  • Challenge


  • Editorial intro
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  • Next Month

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The artist who composed the original soundtrack for JetSetRadio is a running favorite of mine. This brought me back, though I never tried the title.

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