Slowly Picking Up

in #reselling2 months ago

These are the bags of crunchy chicharon that we are selling lately. My husband was able to get some orders for these crunchy snacks that we are reselling. We found one individual entrepreneur who is selling these and thought that we would resell. It was just a trial venture since we are mobile as always and we meet a lot of people along the way plus the fact that my husband is a natural salesperson. :)
We got eight bags in total and these are all spoken for. Maybe next time we should order some buffer so we can have some samples ready for taste test for prospect customers. We already have some repeat orders and we are slowly gaining some momentum. Hope this will continue on along with the other stuff that we sell.
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What is chicharon?

Hi @jaynie chicharon is usually a pork rind or skin cracklings. Here on these photos though we are selling salmond skin cracklings. I was not able to take a photo of the content :) Thank you for dropping by

Aaaah ok. Awesome. Thanks for clarifying 🙂👍

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