Reputation 70 - Meaningless But Fun

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I don't think anyone really cares about the Steem reputation value next to the account display name. After all, it's fairly easy to make that number climb with some creative use of @minnowbooster . However, reaching 70 still took me quite some time, and I think that deserves a post. So here it is.


Do you still care about the reputation value? Do you even look at it? How can the current reputation system be improved? I'll be happy to hear your thoughts in the comments!


I can still say I earned mine, after all this time, so yeah, I still care. It's one of the rare 72's that's 100% organic. I think CHBartist's is humorous. I like jokes. I'm not even trying to be mean, I just think it's funny. Dude went to the pawn shop to buy a "Best Blogger in the World" trophy. I think it would suck to have a rep that high, and it means nothing.

For improvements, I'd suggest simply removing any paid votes from contributing to the number. Make it organic. It's kind of like having that blue checkmark beside our names. One can't buy "reputation", fame, credibility, no matter how much they spend.

You have my absolute 100% respect. Not many on here who haven't used inorganic means to get their rep into the 70s. I'm still one of those old fashioned chaps who joined this platform thinking the rep should be organic and I'm over the moon with my 66. It will take a while yet to get to 70 but it does absolutely matter if not for outsiders looking in then for the feeling on the inside that YOU EARNED IT!

I'm inspired now, thank you!

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Well done! I've been at 63 forever it seems. As far as improving the system its really hard to say given what some of the other comments have already said. I would love to see a way to sort posts by reputation. That way I could find more new bloggers to up vote and encourage. Or maybe we could tie the score into perks like faster mana regen or something.



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Welcome to the club of completely meaningless number :) Used to mean something when there were no bidbots, now not too much but hey, it's still cool.

Side note, I'm stuck on 70 for almost 2 years ;)

Lucky you, 68 here ;-(

You create even less content than I do, so I am not surprised here. POST MORE STUFF!

I can't. I suck at it. It takes me a month to prepare a post.

I think that's one of the negative impacts of high rep and significant stake - people expect your posts to have actual value. So I often find myself thinking of something I want to write, then deciding it's not important enough or smart enough or whatever.

I get that feeling. Someone make a tribe just for GTG. Super in depth code stuff. Speaking of which, our stack exchange was a fail, wonder if someone will do that within steem. Would help us devs. @yabapmatt @aggroed

Congrats! I've never botted so getting to rep 70 the right way is still an achievement I'd like.

I use @minnowbooster to recycle unused voting power into upvotes for my very few posts so one could say I am a bit of a cheater.

Congrats! Meaningless as it may be, it still takes a while to get there, so good job! I just hit 64 myself. At this pace it will only take me a few more years before getting to 70. By that time, the system may have changed.

How to improve it? Well, for starters, program it so that if a bidbot is used, rep doesn't increase—or maybe even decreases. That'd be interesting!

Decreasing rep is a good idea. I think it should decrease with inactivity. So people have another reason to post.

Well, I see people with a higher rep with a feeling of respect and trying to emulate them.

Of course you can trick it, but that's when you as an user, have to choose who and what to follow, right?

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I have never used a bot :) so my number means a lot to me :) at least on personal level. I haven't checked in a while mine but still a long way to 70 I guess. I don't know I've seen a lot of misbehaviour sometimes with people with high reps, so it only matters to me , my own and to myself cos I know how I got mine

I never understood the idea of it , but congratulations for the achievement

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Wow 70 wow congratulation

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Congrats! Do look at it occasionally, but not a lot.

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woohooo congrats :D almost as good as a bday ;) Well done, it takes a loooot of effort to get to 70 :D
Im a very proud dragon, so reputation to me, means tons.. I miss the day where it was a good thingI..

Hard work pays well.

keep it going!

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