I am back to zero

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Because of some people voting for me these days and the bots have been moved to other victims allowing my rep to move back up to zero. The only part of rep I care about is to be just above hidden. I love steem being so low. Just keep stacking and when the whole market runs up again we will be just fine.

I found a new location for my steemmonsters time. With all of the new more powerful cards I am having trouble getting in the wins. I plan to upgrade some summoners asap to be able to use stronger monsters.

Http://whatreallyhappened.com is a show on the republic broadcasting network. I dont always agree with Rivero but he has a good program.

I found this story about Seth Rich on What Really Happened. https://chimpplanet.blogspot.com/2019/10/seth-rich-murder-revealed-by.html?m=1 I hope the real whistle blower in this story finds some support very soon.

Thank you for reading and helping me do the best I can to support a community that allows people to Express themselves freely. Helping to Ressurect the Republic with RepublicBroadcastingNetwork. Truth is on talk radio. RBN needs emergency funds. The network is barely able to stay on the air with very outdated equipment. Join me in supporting them today. If you want to return the favor then you can support me below.

Do you want to decentralize steemit? Try Partiko. It is working well for me. Save your points though because there might be a bug with Partiko votes. https://partiko.app/referral/nutritree

I am earning steem playing steem dapps. @steemknights is one fun dapp. Use my link to try it out and get a free queens blessing. steemknights.com/ref/@nutritree
My Drugwars link: https://staging.drugwars.io/#!/ref/@nutritree
My steemmonsters affiliate link:
Earn tokens when you search and get 25 airdrop when you sign up. https://www.presearch.org/signup?rid=1405463

Dash is the best crypto still. Even though it is just now rolling out dapps. Dash is the most utilized crypto. I would love it if i get some here. XwalqU1USSaXHgTsCGFhryBvuUPFyNrfZb
BTC: 34Esimf97TPAS9jyaXU7rVj5SdpvXHR13W

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Yeah, Partiko is good.