Jesus had to wait for his RCs to recharge.

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Now it's time to send some more spammers to hell like their latest bot @florianopolis


I like the irony of fighting spam with even more spam.
You know they've already been downvoted to negative reputation.
Your spam is the only spam that isn't grayed out.

The selfvoting goes on. And people ask why we need down voting...

Go-go, Jesus!

Come on jesus, use your magic thing

Dear Jesus, have a !BEER - let's see how this "Self-Servant" tries to take it away ;)

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Are you on HIVE, buddy?

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Read the post, dumbfuck. My name is Jesus Christ and I do not approve of this spamming @hiroyamagishi / @overall-servant and your endless army of spam-bots like @florianopolis... You will certainly go to hell if you keep spamming. Now is the time to repent.

If anybody seeing this agrees with me, please consider upvoting my comment or delegating to @the-real-jesus