Rasta Vibes on the 7-Mile Beach Negril

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This character was one cool dude. Walked around with this Jamaican cane he made. Once of the coolest dudes with the coolest canes I ever saw traversing the 7-mile beach. Would have bought one but this was his only one and it "wasn't for sale."

I said,

"You should make some canes and sell them. The tourists (and even the locals I thought) would love em."

"Yea mon, dis here. A very special piece," he replied.

This thing was rare. I had never seen anything like it in all my times to Negril. The top part was made from the Blue Mahoe (Hibiscus Elatus) and was carved very intricately. About a fifth the way down was a handle. He's holding onto it in the photo you see here but you can't really make it out.

Jamaica 2014 330 (2).jpg

The entire cane was painted artfully with the colors and depicted a story as you made your way down the cane. I swear this thing could make this guy some money if he were to craft some and sell them on the beach. People would be flocking. Well, if there were 100 super-irie's you'd better bet I'd be flocking 100 times over.

He strutted down the beach, stopping every so often to talk and chat it up with people. He was just doing his thing. Not trying to sell you anything. Just being cool and sporting it Jamaican style.

This picture really is pretty cool if you look at it. You can see everything I just described but you can also see the soulfulness which this guy carries. It appears as though he just performed at the Bourban Beach, pouring his heart and soul into the performance of a lifetime. The picture is just filled with so much life it seems.

It's the Rasta Vibrations, mon


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Yes mon and he was proud of his cane. He let me hold that thing. It was heavy. And Quality. Just like the Reggaesteem feed 😁

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wondering if u are able to see my recent post? it isn't showing for me? :/

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Yea mon - the feed is just running a bit slow. Seems as though “new” posts are taking an hour or two to show up on the feed. I can see it from other DApps but the io is taking a bit to catch up rn... maybe bc all the irie content pumping :-)

when i try to upvote you too it isn't working on my end? ¯_(ツ)_/¯i hope you can see it and its working 🤣

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Ya real slow. Took over one hour to
show up on Reggaesteem.
And even then jahm token rewards
loaded at a snails past. But it is
happening. I was concerned.
Just looked partiko your upvote posted.

Should be casted. Check back in an hour to see but I’m looking from esteem and Partiko and the votes are working just not showing up real time on rs.io

@super-irie, One thing is for sure about Jamaicans and that is, they are full of happy and positive energy and they spread those vibes all around.

Enjoy your time ahead brother and stay blessed.

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It's creating fashion, transforming a simple baton into a rastafarian scepter is an excellent creativity, craftsmanship is something that attracts the attention of tourists. it would be a good business as you say your @super-irie

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yeh man, that is one cool bredda! I imagine hiom saying "bless" or "Respect" based on the pic. And yes, I see everything described in the post in the pic for real.

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Yes @dmilliz
Never know who or what
to expect walking on
‘The Seven Mile’
It’s the very best
of Negril.

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"Not trying to sell you anything."
That means a lot on the 7 Mile Beach ;)
That speaks for the Rasta!
Nice piece...

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