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The Tree at Rondel Village

You may be saying to yourself, "What? A picture of a tree on the #reggaesteem and #jahm tags?"
Read on.

This stately majestic beauty is one of the largest located on the seven-mile beach in Negril, Jamaica. Its height, approximately 50 meters, and the canopy, absolutely massive. It's hard to describe this monster of a tree through words.

Jamaica 2014 021.jpg
The One Love Tree

Given the tropical climate in Jamaica, the tree is always in season - never without a leaf. The weather here in the Caribbean is rather conducive to its overall health and well-being.

It has stood as pictured for decades. It stands as a visual landmark for those who choose to seek its beauty. Many probably walk right by and ignore the beauty of such a creature. What a mistake.

The Rondel tree has endured the sun and heat, the hurricanes, and the strong winds of Mother Nature, but still prominently stands as a symbolic feature of the Jamaica people. It is located on the property at Rondel Village, in the courtyard area, just 80 meters from the Caribbean Sea.

At its base, the owners have located a fresh water faucet that the tourists use throughout the day to rinse off sand and salt water from their bodies after long days relaxing by the beach and going for occasional swims in the ocean.

The water from the shower discharges directly into a floor drain which then seeps to feed the root system of the tree. An ingenious idea to keep the tree happy year round. This system ensures the tree stay healthy and also uses the water from the spigot quite efficiently.

Come to Rondel and have a see for yourself the next time you are in Negril on the seven-mile beach.




this tree is very similar to a cotton tree in my country

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Very nice photo. The leaves of the tree are very green. what a beautiful nature that is. Thanks for sharing

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Some day, you’ll need to go check it out.

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Yes, it is very curious a tree and reggaesteem, but it is more than justified in the text.
A glorious tree of decades of age, with the strength that confers it to have resisted all the forces of nature. More than 50 meters high???
It must be really impressive to stand next to it and look up...

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That was a guesstimate.
Didn’t have a tape measure
tape with me.
Sure did look that tall in height
as I was standing there on the
warm beach sand,
looking up into the sky.
OK 49 meters. Work with me.

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I'll take your word for it

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You can check it out.
When walking the beach,
it’s right there @Rondel Village.
And if walk just a little further
down, (away from city center)
only 75 yards or so,
you will find probably
the #1 or 2,
wood carver in Negril.
That tree is your landmark
to locate him.
I am so looking forward to
your up and coming

Starting from the calculation you give, it has to be very high then.
Although having a tape measure must have been somewhat difficult to measure ha, ha, ha, ha

How so I worked with you, friend @super-irie?

Irie tree. Wonder it’s age? Ageless id say for age is just a number really. My kid’s kids will see that tree when they visit negril

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Let’s work on your kids first.
Don’t have to visit. We need
permanent crib in Negril.

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I like the sounds of that 👀

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That's a very strong tree, indeed! Thanks for sharing!

beautiful natural expression

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Thanks It is impressive.

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@super-irie, One thing we are forgetting and that is, Trees are not just Trees they are Masters and Teachers. In old days people had belief that under tree people can pursue and can get Enlightenment. Stay blessed.

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Thank you chireerocks.
Poets always have
Words of Wisdom
on the tip of
their tongue.
Seek the truth.

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Welcome and thank you so much for your kind and connected response. Stay blessed.

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Thanks for this post. It gives some interesting information about one of Negril's natural landmarks.

@super-irie those photos are beautiful and i love the way you gave an accurate details about the trees...

Glad you like photograph.