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RE: ReggaeSteem Onboarding Initiative Update From @conradsuperb

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Hi, Conrad!

Sorry if if this isn't related to y9post. Am just curious if anyone else is not getting any updated notification on @partiko app?

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haven't been getting updates for like 2-3 months now. the dapps broken for now unless @partiko gets back on track with dev

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Hmmm I hope @cryptotalk is aware of it

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Of course, no problem at all as it’s my pleasure and always love hearing from you :-)

I also hope cryptotalk is aware. I’m sure he is as this has been an ongoing issue. Hoping Partiko comes back to life as I’ve found it the easiest DApp for me to use on my mobile

HNY Gilaine- hoping 2020 Is filled with lots of happiness, love and good health and wealth 😎

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Thank you! Same to you and hope Steem will be good on us this year and the next year's to come!

Hope it'll be fix soon, coz it's the only dapp that's easier to use.
Have you tried esteem?

Thank for greeting back on me 😉

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