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A Project On The STEEM Blockchain Worth Investing In - ReggaeSteem... we be JAHMin'

Before I begin, please let me take a moment to disclose the fact that this article is written from my own personal viewpoint, and;

Disclaimer: None of the information presented in this article is meant as financial advice. Please research and invest at your own risk.

When it comes to investing, I believe many individuals tend to overlook specific investment opportunities because all they initially see is a target surrounding a so-called “narrow niche market.” Without actually delving deeper, this may be what one sees on the surface. If you dive deeper, however, you will begin to find some investment opportunities that appear to be geared toward a specific niche market are, in fact, much more than this on a more profound scale.

ReggaeSteem may receive some of these niche-like perceptions since much of the focus tends to surround music and tourism, but this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to this specific tribe on the Steem Blockchain. Sure, music and tourism seem like niche markets, but these two areas of focus alone are huge markets when you look at them independently from one another. When you put them together, they are worth well more than any cryptocurrency, or better yet – all cryptos when summed together.

Screenshot (102).png
Thanks to the meme king @donald.porter for this one :)

If we dive deeper, and take a look into ReggaeSteem, we will find that the team envisions something much more far-reaching than just the blockchain. The team wants to bring ReggaeSteem and the JAHM token to the island of Jamaica where it can be used as a unit of exchange throughout the entire island. Starting from Negril, working its way to other domestic regions in Jamaica, and then spanning into various regions throughout the entire Caribbean. You can see this has the potential to be much greater than a “narrow niche market” if you open your viewing lens and look at it from this perspective.

Better yet, we are already witnessing the real use cases of JAHM on the island as we speak. It’s one thing to have a vision. It’s another to actually implement this vision. That is exactly what has and will continue to happen as more and more people realize this reward tokens diverse utility.

When it comes to the Caribbean, Jamaica is sought as trendsetter for many of the countries throughout the entire region. What happens in Jamaica tends to traverse throughout, speaking to my point earlier of starting in Jamaica and branching elsewhere as a direct result.

Screenshot (104).png
Reggae Culture Rewarded

While nothing is for certain and none of the information presented in this article is financial advice, we shall continue to see how things unfold. In my personal opinion, things are looking very bright at the moment. Proof of Stake is less than 6 hours away from the time of writing this article, the price action on the steem-engine (SE) marketplace has been approaching new highs when many others have been crashing and falling, and our first tribe member @crypticat is visiting Negril in less than 10 days! That’s not all either. The tribe continues to add more and more users, the team has been attending several networking events spreading the word out about RS and JAHM, and Jahm fest is still in the crosshairs for some time in June.

Many of us can point to our favorite tribes, picking out the ones we feel have the most potential moving forward. Backed specifically by our actions as we load up on a particular tribe token or sell the ones we feel are shit tokens. I recently began getting rid of a bunch of tokens I had been holding for a while because many of them had no real backing or use cases. The ones I am particularly interested in, if you hadn’t already guessed, are obviously ReggaeSteem and the JAHM token as well as SPinvest and the SPI token.

This particular tactic mentioned above leads to amassing tokens in the tribes we are deeply involved in, and highlighting our optimism for the future of the projects we begin to become more and more highly invested in, whether it be time and energy or the be all end all in the world of investing – cash money.

While JAHM is centered around reggae and Caribbeanism, the vision is something much larger than this. ReggaeSteem specifically targets the biggest industry in Jamaica through conditioned agreements/partnerships with hotels. Tourism brings in a lot of the islands financial support, and harnessing this aspect alone has the potential to lead ReggaeSteem and JAHM to new heights.

Screenshot (106).png
6 month JAHMin price metrics

In my opinion, this project has been flying under the radar since its initial launch, but the business model behind this hidden jewel of a tribe could certainly impact the entire ecosystem in an enormous manner that many will begin to "FOMO" over.

The current state of the cryptosphere calls for most to think of adoption taking place at a more rapid pace outside the major economic focal centers. In larger, more developed nations like the US and many countries in Europe, the comfort level is still much too high, making disposition to change less likely than what would be necessary for mass changes or shifts in economic driving forces to occur.

The very same; however, is not true in areas of the world where we tend to see more hardship. When local economies and individuals in less developed regions suffer, they suddenly become more open to new ideas that may lead to changes for the better for society as a whole. Crypto- and tokenomics is an idea that can certainly change how an area operates by providing people with opportunities that did not exist before this shift or change took place.

ReggaeSteem understands this fully, seeking to bring new flavor to the island as a whole. So far, ReggaeSteem has harnessed this opportunity, bringing new light to the island in hopes of turning it into a long-term and sustainable means for economic growth, leading to something far greater than just monetary satisfaction.

If you found this article to add value to the ecosystem, then please do upvote and resteem to spread the word like wildfire.

Welcome to ReggaeSteem

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The team has done some great work since the start of the project and it's one of the steem-engine tokens that i have been following to see where they can bring it in the future. I love the vision behind it.

The work just continues, too. It's one project that has a future. I would suggest becoming an active member, even if it's just voting and engaging through comments. Make a name and then start posting/earning more JAHM. I will give you an irie upvote on your comment to get you started.

Hope to see you around

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It has a clear purpose which is a great place to start. Projects with a plan are never going to succeed but with this team we can see hat they are aiming for at the start. After that it's just a matter of doing the work and getting others to buy in.

I'm active across lots of different STEEM projects so tend to pass through most of them from time to time. I started the https://twitter.com/InfoSteem account, so like to keep up to date with everything and try to share the news out there.

Right on. PoS just launched and a team member will be in Jamaica in less than a week blogging and sharing that JAHM is being accepted for payment. The FOMO will set in and people will be flocking to buy before it’s too late.

I know one the devs is big on twitter shills. It’s a great way to spread the word outside from steem alone.

See you around 👍🏼

I only started the account before xmas so will try to keep expanding its reach but it has already gotten some followers from blockchain companies and others outside of STEEM. That's how you get more people to look at what is being built here. The plan will be to keep expanding over the next year and get into the thousands of followers so that people are watching it to see what is coming next for STEEM and all of the apps.

Have fun.

It's interesting how these island economies are so innovative. Cyprus, in the Mediterranean, is similar. Like Jamaica, it's geographically strategically placed, and had its own economic crisis with the "Cyprus Haircut" in 2012-3013. Now it's at the forefront of crypto adoption with the University in Nicosia offering the first masters degree in crypto economies. I don't know so much about Malta, but I think there are similar developments there.

I believe that you and I have had previous conversations about attracting investors and this is a great article for helping to explain some of the potential of reggaesteem and the jahm token.

As an investor, I'm pleased to see a steady increase in the price over time, but I'm more considered about generating FOMO and seeing huge peaks in the price. Businesses take a long time to develop (see Amazon), and reggaesteem is an ambitious and innovative business idea. These tend to have lots of falls - it's the nature of the game - and part of long term success will be building business resilience to cope with the troughs.

I'm really pleased to see that we are starting to have some more mature conversations - @crypticat's article on tourism has started to highlight some of the tensions, issues and potential pitfalls of a complex business idea like reggaesteem.

This is great because it means that we get a better understanding of the risks (and the opportunities) and we can start to plan and tailor our expectations and our actions to better achieve success. We can also start to refine the offer to investors and help to manage their expectations, too.

Great article, keep writing and generating conversation!

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Great write up @conradsuperb, really spelling out exactly what JAHM is all about and the direction this community is headed. Without a use case, and adoption, tokens are merely a point scoring system. Being able to use them is what will seperate the good ones from the majority of s**t coins out there.

I shared this on twitter - hope you don't mind :-)


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Hey thanks jk and absolutely a-okay with me. It’s time the community outside of steem starts hearing more of this project and coming on board. Who wants to miss out on something like this? Surely not me

Keep jahming mate

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That is a very cool vision, to use this token as a currency in Jamaica! Thanks for all the information!

Yessir already for merchant services, travel services, artist onboarding, advertising, etc, etc (there’s a lot of etc’s) 😎

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The interesting thing about this community and its #Jahm token is not its value in the commercial field, but rather, the value that it gives to each participant, to each publication, the interaction is a value that generates more profits than a vote because It gives a real and personal incentive to those who leave their work here, the objective observations that I have been receiving since I publish in this community is comforting, and I can only compare it with the community in which I am already a year ago #SteemFamilyhi. The works that are carried out with good will and ethics stand out and grow in a fair and correct way, that is why success is always present, I only wish that this work be maintained over time, regardless of the adversities that may arise, successful friends mine

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Right on you are. I’m glad you can pick out some positive similarities from other communities you’ve been involved in for some time. It goes to show, after just a few short months, how JAHM and RS are disrupting things (namely a top the charts of tokens on SE at current state). It’s only a matter of time, with continual work from the team and community at large, that JAHM rises to the top a side from just what’s taking place here.

All I can say is keep doing what you’re doing and things will be JAHMin mi Bredda


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Man what an informative
and intensely written
post. Way to lay out the
messsge. Doesn’t get
any better.

I’m bleeding the colors irie

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I really need to stay off this website until my trip, can't think of anything else. Great shill, so much is happening.

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Looking forward to the content to come. I’ll be seeing it wishing I was chilling the 7 mile

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if it's a pretty interesting project ReggaeSteem and the JAHM token and its intention that the island of Jamaica,
Immerse yourself in the Blockchain world where you can use your crypto as a medium of exchange across the island.

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You said it. Exactly right. Keep doing your thing earning as you to


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Thanks for laying out this incredible vision.

If JAHM was to be used as a local currency, then it would need to be accepted for goods and services or easily converted into fiat. Are there easy access fiat exchanges in Jamaica? Are stores starting to accept JAHM?

yea mon, of course. thanks for dropping by the neighborhood. JAHM is currently being accepted at multiple locations for both merchant services at the @iriegiftshop for example and also for travel services at hotels like @negrilescape

It's only a matter of time before more places are accepting JAHM in Jamaica because this area is a perfect pitch for this kind of market and also this medium of exchange offers serious opportunity for a place that is generally sought as impoverished.

JAHM is not the only crypto being accepted here in Jamaica either. Locations also accept STEEM, BTC, ETH, LTC, etc. The conversion to fiat is always an option, of course.

Feel free to reach out about anything else and you may also join us on Discord if you wish


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Very interesting, thanks for the information.

Of course. What kind of dev work do you dabble with ? We’ve been looking for some help with dev on some things. Would you be interested in chatting over on discord?

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I agree with you, my friend.
I particularly think that everything that involves reggaesteem serves as an example of how blockchain can impact and beyond that.

This decade that is beginning will be very moving in everything that has to do with cryptomonics, and Jahm is moving forward and well.
I can see that.

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It’s definitely my favorite crypto project out there at the moment. Let’s take 2020 as it comes naturally and take this ride together

Bless up

can't wait till 2029... ;-)

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Ooopp ;) getting a little ahead of myself LoL

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That’s interesting what is taking place in the Mediterranean, similar to what’s happening here in the Caribbean. It goes to show how these areas can harness cryptonomics for the better and bring new opportunity for future embellishment. As an investor in RS, I also believe these discussions are something necessary to spark new and innovative thought processes for progression in these market areas. Cats articles are a good starting point, enabling us to think deeper toward how to best target and tackle these specific attributes to bring the most potential toward sustainable growth, and ultimately, the FOMO aspect driving prices even higher.

It’s good to have you back, shani

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@shanibeer oops, response to you accidentally generated as a new comment instead of a reply..

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