ReggaeSteem Onboarding Initiative Update From @conradsuperb

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This post is in direct response to the ReggaeSteem Onboarding Initiative which was drafted, posted and embedded on the blockchain for an eternity. The original initiative found here was posted to the feed roughly two months ago. Initially, interest from some users became apparent. I hope moving forward there is more interest as this is an extremely generous offer from the entire ReggaeSteem team.

Screenshot (57).png

To reiterate, in a slightly more concise fashion, this project has been spearheaded by myself, @conradsuperb, with the help of @crypticat, @dmilliz and the rest of the ReggaeSteem team. The project is geared toward Jamaicans, Caribbeans or anyone else who may be related to the Caribbean culture in some fashion. This delegation project is meant to help secure influence on the platform for Jamaican/Caribbean individuals, and also get the word about ReggaeSteem out around the entire region. We want individuals in the Caribbean to be aware of this opportunity on ReggaeSteem to showcase their country and culture while building necessary skills and assets for a bright and boundless future.

If any of you know someone who may fit the loosely applied definition of having some ties to the Caribbean, then please let them know of this initiative. There is potentially 3,000 STEEM and 400,000 JAHM up for divvies to those who take part in this project. In the original post, there were some names thrown around like @twenty1, @daudimitch and @justinparke in the comments, but up until this point in time we have not heard anything as far as making referrals or reaching out for delegations.

Screenshot (125).png
Screenshot (126).png

We have zero problem lending a helping hand or extending the delegation project until we have some new users taking advantage of this wondrous opportunity to grow on the platform. It's about time we focus on bringing more people from outside STEEM on board. It's one thing to continually preach to the same audience; it's another to shed light onto those who are not currently a part of what we know as the STEEM blockchain.

Help starting an account, visit the link below:

The site referenced above will help you jump start your journey on STEEM by creating an account and then walking you through the steps of how to begin on ReggaeSteem. If you have any troubles at all, you can always reach out via Discord where we will be happy to assist you in any way possible.

In this video, @dmilliz walks viewers through the steps of creating a free STEEM account. If you are a Jamaican and would like an instant account, please fill in the form here and we will get back to you ASAP. Note, these instant accounts are limited so please fill out the form in a respectful and timely manner.

As mentioned above, and as part of the ReggaeSteem community, let us all do our due diligence and spread the word outside of STEEM via other social media networks, word of mouth and virtually any way you can think of to bring more people on board. Of course, if you know anyone both on or off the chain that is from the Caribbean, currently living in the Caribbean or has some close connection with the region, then point them in the direction of the ReggaeSteem Onboarding Initiative for a JAHMin delegation.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out. If you feel as though you are worthy of a delegation given your background or current status, just ask. Start to do your part and raise awareness, spread the word, and remember to keep engaging.

Welcome to ReggaeSteem

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Give thanks for your work @conradsuperb.
I'm in Miami visiting family now, but I've been trying to onboard some Suriname friends back in Paramaribo.
I haven't given up brother, back in Paramaribo in February.

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Big ups Bredda. Hope you had a solid holiday season with friends and family.

Always nice seeing your name pop up here on the feed. I’ll be looking forward to hearing from you again as you get settled back in.

Always, Respect

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It is an excellent initiative that they promote, I will be supporting them through the twitter, I would like to be part of this team of Caribbean promoters, but I do not have the availability of equipment or internet to fulfill these tasks 100%, but anyway, if they need My support, you just have to let me know here because I have no way to enter the Discord. I wish you success.

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Thank for you sharing on Twitter. I’ve seen you promoting there via

Keep it up brother. Your work is sincerely appreciated on this end

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Glad you bring this back.
Main point to bring more people to reggaesteem.
I will look around for everyone interesting in #reggaesteem.
Keep on

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yessir, that's the goal. Keep doing your thing, bro
and if you know anyone, let them know about RS

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Thanks for the friendly reminder to the community.

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only doing my due diligence with this one

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Hi, Conrad!

Sorry if if this isn't related to y9post. Am just curious if anyone else is not getting any updated notification on @partiko app?

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haven't been getting updates for like 2-3 months now. the dapps broken for now unless @partiko gets back on track with dev

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Hmmm I hope @cryptotalk is aware of it

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Of course, no problem at all as it’s my pleasure and always love hearing from you :-)

I also hope cryptotalk is aware. I’m sure he is as this has been an ongoing issue. Hoping Partiko comes back to life as I’ve found it the easiest DApp for me to use on my mobile

HNY Gilaine- hoping 2020 Is filled with lots of happiness, love and good health and wealth 😎

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Thank you! Same to you and hope Steem will be good on us this year and the next year's to come!

Hope it'll be fix soon, coz it's the only dapp that's easier to use.
Have you tried esteem?

Thank for greeting back on me 😉

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Nice update to Onboarding Initiative.
It would be nice to have
a few individuals take advantage
and we can then
monitor their progress
in real time.

Right on. We can help, lead and then watch their progress


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Thanks this is seriously appreciated

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