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Are you are a REDFISH (below 500 Steem Power {SP})? Do not have enough Resource Credits (RC) to post to your Blog as often as you want to post? Do not have enough voting power to vote posts that you love?! Well, here is your answer!


Contest Co-Sponser:   @niallon11

If you are passionate about the decentralized social media revolution and WEB 3.0, loving the Steem Blockchain and its Decentralized Applications (DAPPS), this is an opportunity to share your passion and also build your account ! In order that everyone that is interested has an opportunity to enter this contest, I am extending the deadline for entries a bit longer. The cut-off date for entries has been extended until...

MONDAY, 10 February 2020


I want to thank all of the folks that have helped to promote this contest. Some folks I wish to mention in particular are:  

...along with so many others that have shown their STEEM love. Listing all those supporting this contest would take a post in itself! Thank you so much!

Our current contestents (we only have two of them right now) have submitted outstanding entries. If you qualify (less than 500 SP), would you not enter and share your passion with the TwitterTM folks?

Current Contestants (You can enter too!)

Click above to read the entry by @oneray
Click above to read the entry by @mawit07



Have you submitted an entry and I missed it? Please leave me a note in the comments below.

Have questions? Join Us At The Steem Terminal!


Thanks for all you do Sarge!
and thanks @jamesrussell for Presenting this in @pypt #pypt

I can't believe more red fish aren't interested to in this!!

They need to understand that having more SP to curate and engage can be just as, if not sometimes even more rewarding that authoring a post that may not get that much rewards.

Hi @livinguktaiwan thanks for the invitation to this contest, although I had already seen it I had not set aside the time to participate, good thing they gave more days in the contest.

It is very important what you say, the new ones still do not understand the concept of steem SP including me.

When I read the post I knew that it was a good prize but I don't know in what benefits me directly, now with your comment I understand that it is to benefit with the vote to other steemians.

Having but clear the objective, I encourage to participate and tomorrow early I will publish, thank you very much friend @livinguktaiwan

You actually have a point there, some newbies may not understand the implications of having more SP.
In the simplest term, having more SP will give you more power on the platform. For example, when you curate, your upvote value will be greater, you will get more curation rewards, ie more SP that you can then power up. So it's a circle that helps you to grow.

I see a lot of good-hearted people here who host contests all the time but not always a lot of entrants which is a shame. I would say, if you see any contest with Steem/ SBD/SP/upvote as a prize, do try to enter. You really have nothing to lose and you may gain some new followers!!!

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Thank you so much for engaging!

Thank you for your engagement. As my dear, long time STEEM mentor @shadowspub always says, It is all about community!.

This is why I seldom hold contests. Though I give out good prizes, I have very little if any participation! Support from the STEEM community has been fantastic, to include @niallion11 joining in as co-sponsor!

Oh well. Maybe since there are 8 days left as of this response to your comment remaining, entries might start trickling in.

Many times my dear friend, people don't cheer up because they think they won't achieve anything; That fatalistic mentality is not easy to get out of small minds. Soon you will see the triumph of your challenges and they shine with the sun at its zenith. I know well that I can help by giving resteem and calling others to the contest, but if I could help with anything else, feel safe to count on me, my dear @sgt-dan

We have our third contestant! @seadbeady..


tx so much for having me :)

Hi, @neiraurdaneta. You can participate here.
Quedan dos días para que finalice. Tú puedes :)

Mi querida @isabelpena, no he visto tu participación en este desafío. ¿Dónde estás?


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Much love to you from all of us at @helpie!
Keep up the great work!


Manually curated by @niallon11.

@helpie is a Community Witness.

Thank you @niallon11 for your co-sponsorship of this contest to bring awareness of our passion that is STEEM. We are working on helping our redfish as well! We all started started off slowly.

Creo que la poca participación se debe a que la mayoría desconoce el concurso. A ésto se le suma que otros esperan el voto milagroso de una super ballena. El trabajo constante y participar con los más grandes, es el resultado que todos queremos obtener, pero pocos están dispuestos a trabajar para ganarlos.

I think that the little participation is due to the fact that most people don't know about the contest To this is added that others await the miraculous vote of a super whale. Constant work and participating with the biggest ones is the result we all want to get, but few are willing to work to win them.
I will give resteem and continue to warn other steemians that they seem to be comfortable living in the last link of the food chain. A hug, my dear @ sgt-dan
Daré resteem y seguiré avisando a otros steemians que parece que se sienten cómodos viviendo en el último eslabón de la cadena alimenticia. Un abrazo, mi querido @sgt-dan

Gracias mano.

Perfect Spanish! Manito.

Hi @sgt-dan. This is a great contest you are sponsoring for the Redfish. I hope more of them decide to participate. It's a great way to grow your account, gain exposure, and engage with more steemians.

Thank you so much! We have gotten a couple more folks to enter, so that is great!

Hi @sgt-dan. Quick question. I noticed that in your post above you stated:

Are you are a REDFISH (below 500 Steem Power {SP})

Then in the post that has the prizes listed and qualifications, you stated

Redfish (up to 1,000 SP) or something like that.

My understanding is that a Redfish is an account with less than 500SP. Is this correct?
Once I reached 500SP, my status changed to MINNOW.

Just thought I'd ask.

Yes, you are correct. It was indeed my mistake and I have since edited the original post in order to prevent confusion.

Thank you so much for bringing the error to my attention! I apologize for any confusion it has caused.

Hi @sgt-dan. No problem. Just that @brittandjosie stated in steemterminal discord that I was eligible to participate. I didn't think I was, having gone through 2 of the redfish rallies, 1-100SP for Nov (in which I won); then 101-499SP, just finishing in December.

I'll resteem this post. Thanks for all you do.

The redfish requirement (less then 500 Steem Power) is counting your owned SP, not any delegated SP you may have and/or are currently receiving.

As your current SP is over 800 SP, not counting any incoming delegations, you are not eligible for this contest I am sorry to say.

I already knew this, but when she made the comment about the 1K maximum, I just went to check out your post to see what she was talking about. Then alerted you.

No problem at all. And thanks for looking into it. Have a good day.

Estupendo es una excelente oportunidad que le brindan a los que estan pequeñitos y comenzando. Todo un buen aprendizaje @sgt-dan

Great is an excellent opportunity that they give to those who are small and starting. All good learning @sgt-dan

Hello hello, it's super interesting and very good this contest. I think I'm going to see if I can get those SPs that look fabulous. Thank you for these wonderful growing spaces, dear @sgt-dan

You are most welcome! We all started out as redfish. I am just paying forward what STEEM has meant to me!

Thank you for your kind words.

Thanks @sgt-dan for this initiative to promote the blockchain and above all to help the fish or rather sardines like me.

Maybe the promotion of the contest is not so clear for newcomers to steemit and therefore the low participation, you must define what is the purpose and benefit of the contest and what they get for participating.

Because it is good to have more Sp and what can be done with it.

Thank you for creating these contests and don't be discouraged, please go ahead. Tomorrow morning you will have my participation.

I'm still slow to create a post hehe.

It is all good! I appreciate you so much and as a token of my appreciation, we are sending you !SHADE 5

Just about one-half day to get your entries in! The announcement listing the winners of the contest will take place in less than 17 hours.



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