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RE: WHAT'S COOKING REDFISH: Contest Update and Extension

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I can't believe more red fish aren't interested to in this!!

They need to understand that having more SP to curate and engage can be just as, if not sometimes even more rewarding that authoring a post that may not get that much rewards.


Hi @livinguktaiwan thanks for the invitation to this contest, although I had already seen it I had not set aside the time to participate, good thing they gave more days in the contest.

It is very important what you say, the new ones still do not understand the concept of steem SP including me.

When I read the post I knew that it was a good prize but I don't know in what benefits me directly, now with your comment I understand that it is to benefit with the vote to other steemians.

Having but clear the objective, I encourage to participate and tomorrow early I will publish, thank you very much friend @livinguktaiwan

You actually have a point there, some newbies may not understand the implications of having more SP.
In the simplest term, having more SP will give you more power on the platform. For example, when you curate, your upvote value will be greater, you will get more curation rewards, ie more SP that you can then power up. So it's a circle that helps you to grow.

I see a lot of good-hearted people here who host contests all the time but not always a lot of entrants which is a shame. I would say, if you see any contest with Steem/ SBD/SP/upvote as a prize, do try to enter. You really have nothing to lose and you may gain some new followers!!!

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Thank you so much for engaging!

Thank you for your engagement. As my dear, long time STEEM mentor @shadowspub always says, It is all about community!.

This is why I seldom hold contests. Though I give out good prizes, I have very little if any participation! Support from the STEEM community has been fantastic, to include @niallion11 joining in as co-sponsor!

Oh well. Maybe since there are 8 days left as of this response to your comment remaining, entries might start trickling in.

Many times my dear friend, people don't cheer up because they think they won't achieve anything; That fatalistic mentality is not easy to get out of small minds. Soon you will see the triumph of your challenges and they shine with the sun at its zenith. I know well that I can help by giving resteem and calling others to the contest, but if I could help with anything else, feel safe to count on me, my dear @sgt-dan