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RE: WHAT'S COOKING REDFISH: Contest Update and Extension

Hi @sgt-dan. This is a great contest you are sponsoring for the Redfish. I hope more of them decide to participate. It's a great way to grow your account, gain exposure, and engage with more steemians.


Thank you so much! We have gotten a couple more folks to enter, so that is great!

Hi @sgt-dan. Quick question. I noticed that in your post above you stated:

Are you are a REDFISH (below 500 Steem Power {SP})

Then in the post that has the prizes listed and qualifications, you stated

Redfish (up to 1,000 SP) or something like that.

My understanding is that a Redfish is an account with less than 500SP. Is this correct?
Once I reached 500SP, my status changed to MINNOW.

Just thought I'd ask.

Yes, you are correct. It was indeed my mistake and I have since edited the original post in order to prevent confusion.

Thank you so much for bringing the error to my attention! I apologize for any confusion it has caused.

Hi @sgt-dan. No problem. Just that @brittandjosie stated in steemterminal discord that I was eligible to participate. I didn't think I was, having gone through 2 of the redfish rallies, 1-100SP for Nov (in which I won); then 101-499SP, just finishing in December.

I'll resteem this post. Thanks for all you do.

The redfish requirement (less then 500 Steem Power) is counting your owned SP, not any delegated SP you may have and/or are currently receiving.

As your current SP is over 800 SP, not counting any incoming delegations, you are not eligible for this contest I am sorry to say.

I already knew this, but when she made the comment about the 1K maximum, I just went to check out your post to see what she was talking about. Then alerted you.

No problem at all. And thanks for looking into it. Have a good day.