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RE: A Tribute to @Rebelskum's Investigation Into Jeffrey Epstein

in #rebelskum2 years ago

That was really impressive work, @v4vapid, I can only hope that @rebelskum knows how to take care of himself at least as good as he knows how to research&expose “elite” crimes. BTW, we have here another man with a nice record of exposing important things, who would deserve more support — @leecamp:


I'm a fan of Lee Camp, for sure. I try to give him some support whenever I can. He always cuts through the BS and gets down to the nitty=gritty. This is not a knock on Camp but I wish that some of the higher profile content creators that use Steem/Steemit would be a bit more active - commenting here and there or engaging in some way. I understand that they're super busy and to be effective they probably need to focus a lot of time and energy in producing their work.